OctaneRender users to get World Creator for free
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OctaneRender users get World Creator for free

Thursday, October 8, 2020 | Written by Jim Thacker

Otoy has partnered with World Creator developer BiteTheBytes to integrate the procedural terrain generator with OctaneRender, Otoy's GPU renderer.

The news was announced during the Otoy stream from the GTC 2020 online conference, the relevant section of which is embedded above.

In addition to integrating World Creator nodes into OctaneRender and its DCC integration plugins, the two apps are bundled into a single subscription package.

Octane subscribers will also get the World Creator Beta for free later this month.

A GPU-based procedural terrain generator used by leading games and VFX studios
World Creator was originally a Unity add-on and later a standalone app. It is a GPU based terrain generator.

The software is currently used by artists from a number of well-known game developers and VFX studios, including Blizzard Entertainment, Crytek, Blur Studio and Cinesite.

It allows users to generate terrains using a number of procedural filters and manipulate the result through direct sculpture.

The software also has an integrated simulation toolset, including erosion and sediment deposition systems. and an integrated asset library of models, LUTs and textures, including assets from megascans.

Once created, terrains can be exported in the form of elevation maps and other 2D maps to other DCC applications or to game engines such as Unity and Unreal Engine via the World Creator synchronization tool.

Terrain can be visualized with the renderer integrated in World Creator or exported to other apps for playback in final quality: In addition to OctaneRender, the names Blender, Cinema 4D and Clarisse iFX are checked on the website.

The standalone edition is still officially in the beta phase. World Creator 3.0 – a complete overhaul of the application that promises a 2.5x increase in speed, an integrated path tracer, and VR support – is slated for later this year.

Free to OctaneRender subscribers later this month
Otoy's partnership with BiteTheBytes follows a similar pattern to its recent agreement with JangaFX, the developer of the GPU-based gaseous liquid simulation tool EmberGen.

OctaneRender subscribers will have access to the beta version of World Creator later this year, and a bundle subscription with OctaneRender and World Creator will be available "later this year".

Otoy is also working on the "full integration of (World Creator) nodes with Octane and all DCC plugins". According to the slide above, the built-in toolset is called World Creator FX when it is released.

Availability and system requirements
World Creator is available for Windows 7+ and macOS 10.13.4+. It runs on both AMD and Nvidia GPUs. World Creator 3.0 is due "by the end of 2020"; The current stable beta version is World Creator 2.4.0f1.

Users earning less than $ 100,000 can purchase a $ 149 standard perpetual license that limits the output resolution to 4,096 x 4,096 pixels and offers limited functionality, or a full Professional license that is available for macOS $ 249. And for Windows it costs $ 289. Enterprise licenses are charged for larger studios on request.

For system requirements and pricing for the OctaneRender itself, please see our OctaneRender 2020.1 story.

For more information on World Creator, see the product website

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