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With reissues of "The Empire Strikes Back" and "The Rocky Horror Picture Show" hitting the top 10, audiences still seem unsure about the theaters.

It will be many months before exhibitors can expect box office returns that meet the standards we once took for granted. Meanwhile, another metric has caught on: is there evidence that domestic theaters are gaining traction against audiences' pandemic resistance? Does it make sense to go broke a high-end release domestically?

This weekend did not offer that evidence. The top 10 titles raised around $ 10 million, under $ 12 million in total. That weekend, maybe 3 percent more theaters opened last weekend, which is a little over $ 11 million. Overall, just over 75 percent of all US complexes are open; The overall percentage for North America is slightly higher as almost all Canadian theaters are now open.

There were four new entries, including two new editions; They made less than $ 2 million. Total intake for the weekend is likely to be below $ 12 million near last weekend. A year ago, those same three days were worth $ 95 million. Even if all of the theaters were up, it is difficult to predict an estimate of $ 18 million.



"Death on the Nile"


The New York and Los Angeles locations may be close to reopening, but Disney is postponing "Death on the Nile" from October 23rd to Christmas and "Black Widow" to next year (along with "Deep Water," their other entry At the beginning of November)) the question remains how the theaters can hold out almost two months until the release of “No Time to Die” and “Soul”.

Losing a handful of theaters for the first time, Tenet posted a modest 26 percent decline. Domestic business so far amounts to 41.2 million US dollars with a worldwide total volume of 283.2 million US dollars. Foreign accounts make up 85 percent of the return. The unusually low domestic percentage reflects the greater impact of COVID-19 in the US, and thus far greater public opposition to returning to theaters.

The final estimate for Tenet now appears to be around $ 350 million. $ 400 million seems unlikely. Fortunately for Warner Bros., the theatrical release will enable major future platforms. "Mulan" with its Disney + debut doesn't have the same advantage.

Among the newcomers, 551 theaters were enough to bring “Break the Silence” to third place with just over 1 million US dollars. BTS 'previous 2018 concert film, Burn the Stage, opened in 627 theaters for $ 2.4 million. The new film made about 50 percent less on average per theater. Under normal circumstances, we can expect interest rates to decline by 25 percent for the second installment. All in all, this result is a pretty optimistic sign that going to the theater is still a viable option for avid fans.


"The Empire Strikes Back" (# 5) and The Rocky Horror Picture Show "(# 10) (originally Fox title, now Disney) and" Akira "(Funimation, # 9) are new editions that have broken into the top 10 "The New Mutants" and "Unhinged" ranked high again (second and fourth). Each is approaching $ 20 million, which is no small feat. "Unhinged" fell just 22 percent; it's a good start for a good home platform run. As an action movie with a star (Russell Crowe), it's the kind of offering that usually does well as a VOD premiere.

On the second weekend for the faith-based Christian in danger "Infidel" (American Cinema International) 161 theaters were added, a total of almost 1,900. It fell 41 percent and grossed $ 880,000. Notably, like four of the top six titles, there was an average per theater of between $ 400 and $ 500. Direct player Gravitas Ventures' horror film "Shortcut" hit the top 10 for $ 305,000 in 725 theaters and a PTA in the range of $ 400. The company hopes to position this as a longer-term title to fill the Halloween void close.

The doggedness of the professional world is reinforced by the fate of two main titles. Miranda Juli's well-received "Kajillionaire" managed just $ 215,000 in 529 theaters. With Focus's PVOD plans in four weeks, the choice of theaters was limited. Consider this further proof that no matter how many top chains are looking to get back into business with high quality titles, top chains want their 90 day windows longer.

Sony released the Sundance premiere "The Last Shift" with Richard Jenkins. All top companies managed just $ 235,000 in 871 theaters.

No other title brought in as much as $ 200,000, with "Kajillionaire" and "The Last Shift" falling just below the top ten. The first weekend of Aaron Sorkins "The Trial of the Chicago 7" (Netflix) was not registered. It opened in at least eight theaters in five markets, led by Chicago, the Washington suburb, Boston, and Phoenix. Only a handful of tickets for the main shows on Saturday night were sold on pre-sale theater sites. More theaters will be added this Friday before streaming starts on October 16.

The top 10

1. Teaching (Warner Bros.) week; Last weekend # 1 2930

$ 3,400,000 (-26%) in 2,850 theaters (-70%); PTA: $ 1,193; Accumulated: $ 41,000,000

2. The new mutants (Disney) – week 5; Last weekend # 2

$ 1,100,000 (-31%) in 2,305 theaters (-203); PTA: $ 477; Accumulated: $ 19,400,000

3. Break the Silence: The Movie (Trafalagar) NEW

$ 1,010,000 in 551 theaters; PTA: $ 1,815; Cumulative: $ 1,000,000 (approx.)

4. Nothing (Solstice) – week 7; Last weekend # 4

$ 1,002,000 (-22%) in 2,182 theaters (-142); PTA: $ 459; Accumulated: $ 17,100,000

5. The empire strikes back (Disney) (reissue)

$ 908,000 in 2,097 theaters; PTA: $ 433; Accumulated: (adjusted) $ 921,000,000

6. Unbeliever (American Cinema International) – Week 2; Last weekend # 3

$ 880,000 (-41%) in 1,885 theaters (+161); PTA: $ 467; Cumulative: $ 2,810,000 (estimated)

7. The Broken Hearts Gallery (Sony) – week 3; Last weekend # 5

$ 470,000 (-41%) in 2,141 theaters (-80); PTA: $; Accumulated: $ 3,238,000

8. Linkage (Gravitas Ventures) NEW

$ 305,000 in 725 theaters; PTA: $ 421; Accumulated: USD 305,000

9. Akira (Funimation) (new edition)

$ 270,000 in 445 theaters; PTA: $; Cumulative: $

10. The Rocky Horror Picture Show (45th anniversary)

$ 250,000 in 70 theaters; PTA: $ 3,571; Cumulative: (adjusted) $ 517,000,000

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