OTOY Launches RNDR Enterprise Tier with Nvidia Tensor Core GPUs on Google Cloud
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LOS ANGELES — OTOY has announced the launch of its RNDR Enterprise Tier with next-generation Nvidia A100 Tensor Core GPUs in the Google Cloud, whose record performance surpasses 8000 OctaneBench. This milestone was reached on a VM (A2) instance optimized by Google Cloud Accelerator with 16 NVIDIA A100 GPUs. Each A100 GPU offers up to 20 times the processing power of the previous generation processor.

With Google Cloud's Nvidia A100 instances on OTOY's RNDR Enterprise Tier, artists can leverage OctaneRender's industry-leading, unbiased, spectrally correct, GPU-accelerated rendering for advanced visual effects, ultra-high-definition rendering, and immersive location-based entertainment formats. Compared to OctaneRender 2020.1.4, Google Cloud instances bring thousands of secure, production-ready Nvidia high-performance GPU clusters to the OctaneRender ecosystem – with Nvidia V100 Tensor Core GPUs (with up to 3000 OctaneBench) and Nvidia A100 Tensor -Core-GPUs (with up to 8000 OctaneBench).

This fall, OctaneRender users will get early access to the new Nvidia A100 GPU instances from Google Cloud with 40 GB of VRAM, 8-way Nvidia NVLink support and 1.6 TB / s of storage bandwidth. This provides remarkable storage capacity for fast GPU render times for the most demanding memories. intense scenes that were previously only available with slower out-of-core or CPU rendering.

"For almost a decade we have been pushing the boundaries between GPU rendering and cloud computing to get to a point where artistic creativity is no longer restricted," commented Jules Ubach, founder and CEO of OTOY. "With the Nvidia A100 instances from Google Cloud with massive VRAM and the highest OctaneBench ever recorded, we have achieved a first for GPU rendering – where artists no longer have to worry about the complexity of the scene in realizing their creative visions. "

"OctaneRender GPU-accelerated rendering democratized visual effects that allow anyone with an NVIDIA GPU to achieve high-end visual effects comparable to those found in a Hollywood studio," added Ubach. "The Nvidia A100 instances from Google Cloud are an important step in the further democratization of advanced visual effects. They give OctaneRender users access to state-of-the-art Nvidia GPUs that were previously only available in the largest Hollywood studios."

"The Nvidia A100 Tensor Core GPU is based on the Nvidia Ampere architecture and has moved to the cloud faster than any other NVIDIA GPU in history," said Bob Pette, vice president of professional visualization at NVIDIA. "The record breaking achievement opens up creative possibilities for artists and designers who use OctaneRender to produce their top-quality work."

"Google Cloud Accelerator-optimized VM (A2) instances are one of the few places with 16 GPUs connected through NVLink topology that allow artists to push creative boundaries without sacrificing speed or performance," said Google Cloud Director, Product Management, ML infrastructure, Manish Sainani. "Bringing A2 instances to RNDR is a game changer for high-resolution production, machine learning, advanced rendering workflows, and next-generation immersive media formats."

Launched earlier this year with OctaneRender 2020, the RNDR network allows artists to choose between rendering jobs on secure enterprise-grade GPUs like the Nvidia instances from Google Cloud, or taking advantage of the massive processing power of a network of decentralized GPUs . Artists who process renders at the RNDR enterprise level can also use decentralized GPUs for overflow capacity. This provides the flexibility to scale renders across thousands of peer-to-peer nodes when a deadline is met or for high resolution formats.

The RNDR Enterprise tier in Google Cloud is available to users of all of OctaneRender's built-in plugins in 20 of the industry's leading content creation tools, including Maxon Cinema 4D, SideFX Houdini, and Autodesk Maya. All current OctaneRender 2020 Studio and Enterprise subscribers and OctaneRender Box license holders with an Enterprise Maintenance Plan can access the RNDR Enterprise Tier.

Current OctaneRender users can try RNDR or subscribe, purchase, or upgrade to OctaneRender 2020 to get the industry-leading 2-3x Nvidia Optix7 RTX GPU hardware acceleration, Fast-Spectral Random Walk-SSS, native C4D GPU sounds, OSL Access volume shaders and more. New properties. OctaneRender 2020 also includes access to EmberGenFX – one of the industry's first real-time GPU simulation tool sets for ultra-realistic fire, volume, smoke and particle tools, as well as OTOY Sculptron, a GPU-based mesh sculpting toolset.

Further information can be found in the OTOY website.

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