Otoy ships Sculptron Alpha 2
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Otoy delivers Sculptron Alpha 2

Friday, July 17, 2020 | Written by Jim Thacker

Otoy released Alpha 2 from Sculptron, its GPU-based tool for shaping animation caches and converting network sequences into volumes. The software is currently available for free during early development.

The update revises the Sculptron user interface, speeds up rendering and modeling “about ten times faster” and introduces a pre-made new toon material.

The forum post with the new features is from January 10, 2020, but Otoy has just tweeted to say that this is a new version.

A simple GPU-based tool for shaping animation caches
Sculptron was originally announced at the end of last year and is a new GPU-based tool for modeling static models or mesh caches and for importing and exporting files in OBJ and MDD format.

In his forum post announcing the first alpha build, Otoy noted that it was "not a replacement for ZBrush" or other special sculpting tools and was primarily intended for animation workflows.

Possible use cases include editing simulation caches to remove unwanted elements without having to run the entire sim again, or fixing artifacts in character animations.

It is in the same market sector as NewTek's ChronoSculpt – released in 2013 but not really updated since then – and newer alternatives like Mush3D.

Sculptron is currently fairly nude and offers a basic set of 3D modeling brushes, including push / pull, smoothing, flattening, tone and puffing, and parameters for brush radius, hardness and strength.

There is also support for 3D layers, as well as a basic animation key editor.

In addition to exporting geometry in OBJ format and animation caches in MDD format, users can also convert meshes to volumes and export them in OpenVDB format.

New in Alpha 2: Revised user interface, improved interactivity and a new toon material
According to Otoy, the software's user interface in Alpha 2 was "fundamentally revised in both design and functionality", including a "completely reorganized" timeline. while sculpting and rendering are now "about ten times faster".

Other changes include a new wireframe overlay for the OpenGL preview and a new toon-shaded MatCap material (see figure above).

Pricing and system requirements
Sculptron is currently only available in Alpha for Windows. Otoy has not released a final release date or pricing information.

More information about Sculptron 1.0 Alpha 2 can be found in the Otoy forum

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