Friends Electric Signs Director and Multi-media Artist Cris Wiegandt
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From the publication:

Friends Electric from London and LA is proud to announce the arrival of Cris Wiegandt. A celebrated Berlin multimedia artist and director – she joins an exhilarating and diverse list of talent.

Cris has embarked on a stellar career that began with craft stop motion. Her repertoire now includes many disciplines that work in 2D, 3D, stop motion, character design, illustration, and handicrafts. Your work is structured, funny and brave. Her colorful South American heritage complements her urge to explore ideas and stories, and she always seeks to experiment with media in mixed media, be it commercial, music videos, social networks, short films, or culture. She adds another dimension to FE's creative roster that lives very much in a multidisciplinary universe. She has won a number of awards and worked with clients such as Pepsi, TED, Coca-Cola, Adobe, Ben and Jerrys, and others.

Cris has also joined the prestigious jury at the 2020 Clio Awards that judge Film Craft: Animation & Visual Effects.

Barney Richard (EP) says: “First and foremost, Cris is a lovable person. It just so happens that she found herself with FE with a lot of creative talent and a free attitude to creativity. and it's those two reasons I'm torn to pieces that she joins us. We always try to think differently to find a unique creative solution for every project at FE and with Cris it's exactly what connects us. "

Says Cris: “When I came from stop motion and became more and more digital, I was looking for a place where I could bring all animation techniques together. I think it's great that Friends Electric has so much passion for all the details in every single frame. I am sure that with their know-how and my vision we will create colorful worlds in a variety of ways! "


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