Pantomime Acting for Animation – fxphd
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In this course you will take the first steps to acting in animation via pantomime. The aim is to build on the knowledge and experience from the Body Mechanics and Shot Building Fundamentals course series and to incorporate more complex elements of action into our recordings.

The course shows the process from generating ideas to blocking and refining to polishing. As we work through this process we will discuss the thinking behind each decision, how we would approach it in different studio systems and of course, how we would approach it in personal work.

Toby Winder is a senior animator currently based in Montreal. He has been in the animation and visual effects industry since 2006 and has worked on many projects such as Batman: The Dark Knight, Dr. Strange and Alien Covenant participated. Toby has animation experience in high-end VFX, television, commercials, and games.


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