Body Mechanics and Shot Building Fundamentals, Part 1 – fxphd
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This course, which is taught by Toby Winder, is the first part of an extensive two-part offer. The first step is to improve your understanding of body mechanics and to improve the understanding of the animation principles covered in ANI104. The next step is the planning for the animation of a short sequence of three shots. The sequence offers the opportunity to show what it is like to work on animations in a more realistic studio environment. This course provides further insight into animation cycles and their integration into a recording.

During class, Toby shows the animation process in real time so you can see firsthand what it means instead of cutting out different parts of the process. This is very deliberate for the course. With the Greenscreen player, you can adjust the speed to your liking and concentrate on the areas that are most important to you.

This course is taught by Toby Winder, a senior animator who currently lives in Montreal. He has been in the animation and visual effects industry since 2006 and has worked on many projects such as Batman: The Dark Knight, Dr. Strange and Alien Covenant participated. Toby has animation experience in high-end VFX, television, advertising, and games.


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