Red Giant VFX Suite — Prolost
Supercomp 3k.jpg

There are nine plug-ins in the suite. You can get to know everyone at Red Giant, but here I'll focus on the five I've created tutorials for.


Supercomp is possibly the most ambitious effect Red Giant has ever achieved. It is a complete compositing engine that runs in a panel in After Effects. The unique render engine, which understands how layers in a VFX composite must interact, makes creating realistic, integrated composites easier and more intuitive. Light wraps react to every layer below them, lights wrap around the layers in front of them. Everything is gamma managed and works with 32-bit linear light. The grain is processed automatically.

This is basically every trick I've learned in my 24 years (sweet gentleman) working with visual effects. It's packed in a beautiful user interface and lightning-fast GPU render engine.

Take 52 minutes to watch my tutorial:


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