My _01 is
R: Right
G: Left
B: Above
A: Alpha

My _02 is
R: Below
G: Back
B: Front
A: Emissive

If the image doesn't expand, you can right-click it and open it in a new tab. You should then see it in full resolution.

By default, when I use texture compression, an alpha channel (and the cost it contains) is added. So I decided to add a separate emission card that I can color and erode separately from the alpha channel that processes the opacity. The cloud of smoke I use is the same for texture 1 and texture 2 and is only lit from different directions (hence the name 6-way light card). I used Embergen for this texture before adding the 6-way lighting feature, but even now I still manually render out every single passage of light. Then I adjust the levels in Photoshop and combine the textures in their respective channels. I also do this individually because the Embergen 6-way textures have light directional textures in different channels than the setup I copied from Nate. So keep that in mind when you look at my setup. I may have different directional textures in different channels than you.


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