Current and future state of the Animation and VFX Industry 2020-25
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CGI and VFX are becoming an integral part of major audiovisual media, from mobile apps to massive broadcast data. We're seeing tremendous growth in new studio setups and design boutiques. Aside from the large and shiny infrastructure, it is a small team of generalist artists who can easily handle the toughest of tasks. The animation and visual effects industry has always been an industry based on artistic and technical skills, and now it's becoming more and more popular. Instead of a typical formal education, the focus is on your artistic and aesthetic sense.

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Current and future status of the VFX industry:

The current state of the VFX industry around the world is very robust as movies or video content filled with significant VFX technology is attracting consumer attention and sales. In addition to films, animation and VFX have become an integral part of games, web series (OTT – Over The Top), commercials, documentaries, corporate videos, AR & VR (Augmented Reality & Virtual Reality) and more.

Apart from the special visual effects software like Nuke, Houdini, Maya; There are also small but effective VFX apps out there. This serves as the first user experience with predefined templates. The simple use of these can lead to the user learning and customizing more complex software as mentioned above. All of a sudden, 360-degree video and 4K / 8K video became simple things online. Free and open source software like Blender, GIMP, Krita and Natron are becoming the first choice for many freelancers and small studios.

We have seen our industry survive even in the troubled area of ​​the COVID-19 pandemic, even if it had a great success. We struggled with the challenges and found a robust solution for remote / work from jobs. All artists around the world have completed their projects with dedication from home. All large studios quickly set up the necessary infrastructure to simplify such remote work. Now the scenario is that many leading production and post-production studios are in favor of the WFH job option even after the lockdown is opened. Still there are huge ones Remote vacancies in the animation and VFX arena.

The Age of Disruption:

This is the turning point in the era of the 3D animation and visual effects industry. The disturbance has already broken through. Companies in the VFX industry are developing novel technologies to improve the user experience and create a faster post-production pipeline. Some of the latest trends, technologies, and workflows are as follows:

  • Foundry launched Athera, Cloud-based post-production pipeline (increasing use of SaaS software as a service-based products and cloud computing software / solutions)
  • Advanced photogrammetry software (Capturing Reality, AliceVision, 3DF Zephyr etc.) replaces tedious manual work in terms of modeling, texturing, UV mapping and the like
  • The virtual production is taking shape on a gigantic level (The Jungle Book 3D and The Lion King 3D by Jon Favreau are milestone films in which virtual production is used at the highest level).
  • The Katana Foundry makes the rendering pipeline very streamlined
  • The process of creating and manipulating digital people / creatures and 3D cities is becoming the industry norm (Avengers series, Gemini Man, Dumbo, Game of Thrones, Warcraft, Furious 7, Pokémon, to name a few).
  • VFX uses AI (Artificial Intelligence) as a back-end driver for realistic outputs (Rotobot Nuke plugin based on deep learning – machine language, semantic segmentation and AI-based neural networks)
  • LED walls and projection of real images to replace chroma recordings, which was a must for VFX recordings

According to the report, the global VFX market was $ 11,333 million in 2018 and is projected to reach $ 23,854 million by 2025, an annual growth rate of around 11.4% between 2019 and 2025.

What is the Global Animation & VFX Industry Report 2020-2025?

The report offers a holistic view of the global 3D and visual effects industry. It provides detailed answers to the following questions.

  • What are the most important market players worldwide?
  • What are growth factors?
  • What are challenges, main problems and solutions to reduce development risk?
  • What is the contribution from regional VFX players?
  • What are the new market opportunities and threats for businesses in the global VFX industry?
  • What are the key market segment, market potential, influential trends and challenges?
  • What are the latest guidelines for setting up a new studio?
  • How can you effectively manage teams to get a good ROI?

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Benefits of this market study:

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  • It helps in identifying the potential threats or risks that need to be considered.
  • It will help the buyer gather quantitative and qualitative information of the industry such as current and future VFX market size worldwide, market estimate, drivers, limiting factors, opportunities, and much more.
  • The report helps businesses or buyers stay ahead of the competition by providing valuable market insights.

How do I get this report?

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