Top 5 benefits of VPN for mobile gaming: security for desktop
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When someone talks about virtual private networks (VPNs) and games, it is almost always assumed that the person is talking in the context of desktop computers or laptops. However, today's mobile phones are just as powerful and offer a gaming experience that is almost similar or sometimes even better than computers. In the COVID-19 pandemic, we have seen strong growth in the mobile gaming arena. And the trend will continue to increase.

If you like to play games on your smartphone, whether casino games on renowned platforms such as JackpotCity Online Casinoor any of those popular esports titles like League of Legends, Dota 2, etc., it might be a good idea to use a VPN to improve your overall gaming experience. It also gives you extra security and mental peace. Let's learn how.

Avoid ISP Throttling:

It is a common practice for Internet Service Providers (ISPs) to throttle network speeds and this can be very detrimental play online. The reason ISPs do this is because playing online games uses a lot of bandwidth and some so called unlimited data plans have some cap on the back end. By accessing these online games through a VPN, you can avoid throttling issues, which means you can enjoy the best mobile gaming speeds without any lag.

Play restricted games:

The biggest benefit of using a VPN for mobile games is that you can even play games that are not available in your country. The Google Play Store has different databases for different countries. If you are connected to the Internet through a server in another country, you can access games that are normally inaccessible in your country. They enjoy the top notch graphics and great ideas.

Reduced ping times:

Using a VPN for gaming with mobile phones reduces ping times, which is due to shorter connection paths between your device and the game servers. This will lower the ping rate and avoid delays. This technology will greatly accelerate your game speed and provide stable connectivity. It's a must have for a hassle-free and smooth gaming experience. Most of today's games have great animation and visual effects. Smaller ping times execute these as they are.

Preventing DDoS attacks while gaming:

A major risk when playing online on desktop or mobile phones is the possibility of DDoS attacks. When using a VPN, you can hide your real IP address and use the one offered by the VPN service provider instead. As a result, nobody can know your exact location. In addition, you are safe behind an encrypted tunnel with DNS leak protection, kill switch and 256 AES encryption.

Game continuity:

Let's say you're vacationing in another country and discover a mobile game that you just can't get off! However, this game may not be available in your home country. In this scenario, VPN can help you overcome such limitations by connecting to the internet through a server outside of your country. As a result, you can bypass all geographic restrictions and enjoy the game without interruption. Games like Pubg Mobile, Fortnite, COD and Pokémon GO have seen phenomena worldwide.

Last word:

If you are an avid mobile gamer, a good VPN service can bring you many benefits. Of course, you can also use the VPN service for purposes other than gaming! Not to mention the world-class protection and security you get when you surf the Internet.


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