Top 5 list of the most popular musical instruments
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Music is a way to calm the heart and heal the soul. Whether you are listening to music or playing something, you can feel connected to your soul and relax your mind. Everyone likes music. It's either about listening to songs, humming the lyrics, dancing to some melodies, playing a musical instrument, and composing a new melody. The choice is entirely personal, depending on how someone wants to stay connected to music. It was an integral part of all of our Bollywood and other regional films.

There are thousands of different types of instruments around the world. Here is a list of the 5 most popular musical instruments.

1st piano:

The piano is one of the most popular instruments when it comes to music. It is played in almost all genres of music. The versatility of the piano lies in the fact that it can also be played solo. Playing the piano can be calming and stressful. It improves memory, increases concentration, and improves motor skills. It helps to practice stamina and endurance. A piano has many options, from classics to orchestras to pop music. Check out how to play piano for beginners.

GOT (Game Of Thrones) lovers still appreciate the piano piece from "Light of the Seven" from season 7.

2nd guitar:

The guitar is the perfect choice for people interested in rock music. Although the guitar is played in different genres, the rise of pop and rock music has taken the guitar's popularity to another level. Beginners can take the time to choose the ones they would like to play. It can be classical guitar, bass or electric guitar. It improves motor skills and hand-eye coordination.

Like a piano, the guitar can also be played as part of a group or solo performance. Once the basics are learned, new possibilities open up for guitarists.

3rd violin:

The violin is one of the oldest musical instruments in the world. The violin is not only played for classical music. It is played in different genres including jazz, folk, Celtic, Country or western music. It can be learned even at the age of six. Playing the violin requires upper body strength and good posture. It improves eye-to-hand coordination. Just playing the violin turns the person into a multitasker.

Generally it is placed between the jaw and the collarbone. However, you can change it according to your pitch and bow techniques.

4th drums:

Drums are quite loud compared to other musical instruments, but the popularity of drums cannot be denied. It's an important part of diverse genres and a great career opportunity for people who have a passion for drumming. Playing the drums can be a way to relieve stress. The drumming also helps maintain a healthy and healthy body.

The drums add a whole new vibration to your symphony and put on your dancing shoes.

5th saxophone:

When it comes to the saxophone, jazz is the only genre that pops up on people's minds. But it is also played in genres like funk, soul pop and many more. It's been around since the mid 80's and it still made it to the top 5 musical instruments. Because of the cool image, people prefer to learn, especially during school days. It brings out the creative side with its wide range of flexible sounds. It increases acoustic skills and creativity.

It is a kind of hard musical instrument that can be mastered on. In musical language, the artists who play them are called "saxophonists".

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