Top tips to drive free traffic to your personal blog and website
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Do you have any idea that your website's images can help drive potential traffic to your website? Needless to say, the website's image and performance are closely related. Not only does the image make the layout and appearance of your website better and more intriguing, but it also plays an important role in driving traffic to your blogs and websites. Pinterest and Instagram Marketing are good sources for this.

Are you now wondering how Image increases traffic or how you can get traffic to the website? If so then please look no further as you have landed on the right page. Please read on and demonstrate how images drive traffic to your website and improve overall performance.

Rule 1 – Compress your images:

Large images slow down your website. Not only does the large images take longer to load, it also slows your website's performance. Imagine a situation where a user has an average internet connection that doesn't offer turbo-fast speed. If this user is browsing your website at an average internet speed, he / she will be exposed to an annoying experience. This is primarily because large images take so much time to load, and as a result, the website may not be performing as it should.

To resolve this particular problem, you will be asked to compress your image size. The compressed image size will greatly improve the performance of your website. Also, users with any type of internet speed should be able to browse your website and its contents with no hassle! Are you now looking for a way to compress the images to increase the website speed? If so, then you have excellent software to try on!

Well you can use TinyPNG to improve the performance and speed of the website. This is a simple but extremely helpful tool indeed that will allow you to compress any image. To use this tool today, please visit TinyPNG's official website. Upload the image you want to compress. Use the compression option so that the tool can now run its algorithm and process your image so that it gets a reduced file size. This does not affect the quality. Doing this will generate a lot of traffic on your blog and website.

Rule 2 – Make your picture interesting:

This is another way to drive traffic to a website. The graphics of your websites are really very important. If you can make your website look interesting and intriguing, it will automatically improve performance. Add unique and engaging images to make your website look interesting.

For example, you cannot upload old photos. Old black and white images are a big no to all websites (unless you have a specific reason). Specifically, it has been found that a website that has boring, dull, and old black and white images may not receive any traffic. Because – the website visitors will be dissatisfied and unhappy when they visit a website that is full of boring pictures. Instead, you should try to make your images look more interesting and eye-catching. For this reason, its use is recommended Picture Colorizer.

This is an advanced tool that can be used to colorize old photos and create interesting content for your website. In addition, Picture Colorizer is available for free! You don't have to spend a single dime to use this tool. Simply visit the Picture Colorizer website, download, install and launch the tool. Click the "Add Images" button in the tool interface that you want to colorize, click the "Colorize!" And save your changes. With its advanced artificial intelligence algorithm, the tool colors old photos and makes them interesting and compelling.

Black and white photo coloring and old photo restoration

Rule 3 – Add keywords to the alt text:

There are a number of strategic places where you can use keywords intelligently when adding images to a website. There are four places where you can add the keywords associated with the images. For example, you can use keywords, especially in four places, e.g. B. in the picture name, in the page title, in the alternative text and in the text around the picture. This will help your image and website get more visibility.

The final verdict:

As mentioned earlier, the image is an integral part of a website and its layout. Colorized and compressed images with the right keywords are a proven and helpful way to increase traffic to blogs and websites.


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