Apple’s M1 Silicon chip will be a big change for developers. Learn the status of your favorite tools on the new Macs. You’ll want to ookmark this page!
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Apple announced its M1 silicon chip with ARM-based silicon processors that run on its new computers. This allows users to support macOS and iOS across platforms.

Software developed for Intel will not run on the new chips, so software companies are trying to make their software compatible. Rosetta 2 is an option for some software. Read more about this below.

In addition, only macOS 11 Big Sur runs on the new Mac, so products must also be compatible with Big Sur. Check out our macOS Big Sur compatibility list.

Rosetta 2 translation environment

Rosetta 2 is a translation tool or emulator that allows users to run old Intel software on the new Silicon computers. Apple Developer explains, “Rosetta is designed to ease the transition to Apple silicon and give you time to create a universal binary for your app. It is not a substitute for building a native version of your app. "

If you are a tool farm supplier, please let us know whether your software is compatible or incompatible. Thank you so much!

This page will be updated as soon as we have more information from our providers. So bookmark it.

M1 Silicon / Rosetta 2 compatibility


Adobe has announced that Photoshop support will come in the first part of 2021. Rosetta 2 doesn't officially support them yet.


The following products are compatible:

  • Final Cut Pro 10.5
  • Movement 5.5
  • Compressor 4.5
  • Pro video formats 2.2
  • GarageBand 10.4
  • Logic Pro 10.6
  • Logic Remote 1.5
  • MainStage 3.5


Avid products are not currently supported on the M1 processor. More information.

Blue Cat Audio

They are still working on updates to Apple's native Silicon support, but they report that "existing Intel versions of the plug-ins should run on Apple's new ARM-based Macs through the Rosetta 2 translator." More information.

Digital anarchy

DA is working on beta builds that will work on Intel and Apple Silicon for the next week. Stay tuned!

Color filter

They report: "Our Intel plug-ins will also work on a new Apple Silicon Mac with Rosetta 2. We are working on native Apple Silicon plug-in versions and plan to release them soon." More information.


iLok is currently working with Apple Silicon systems on Rosetta 2. In 2021 iLok plans to release a universal binary version that will run natively on Apple Silicon.


“All iZotope products need an update to be compatible with the new hardware. We recommend waiting for official compatibility before installing. " Learn more.


Cinema 4D is ready for the new M1 Macs! Cinebench is also available for Big Sur and the new Macs.


Currently PreSonus is not compatible with M1 Silicones. PreSonus has stated that it is "committed to supporting Apple's new hardware and will continue to update our customers in this situation." Continue reading.


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