Career Options and Resources for Filmmakers and Creatives During COVID-19

Those who work as creatives are not new to remote jobs. There is a stereotype that there are coffee shops with screenwriters in Los Angeles – and that is often factual. However, COVID-19 has created a unique concern for several film industry employees. How do you find work on the set when production has stopped?

Here's a look at some career resources for filmmakers. There are not just a few ways to track remote filmmaker jobs during COVID-19.

Narrow down limited possibilities

For most careers, you can sign up on a website that has endless job openings. This can be more difficult if you think about film careers during COVID-19. Therefore, you need to create a game board to find roles that are directly related to your talents. You may want to apply for any job you come across. However, it is far better to focus on those that correlate with your skills.

Limit which jobs you want to do. Would you like to become an author, animator or producer? Think about how your skills affect a role. You can do many positions remotely, making it relatively easy to find jobs that don't require you to work on a film set all day. You can then apply specific keywords and terms to each search to narrow down the options.

You should also consider movie-specific job websites. If you don't find any opportunities on LinkedIn or Glassdoor, consider which companies may need filmmakers. For example, you can search HBO, Netflix, and other industry leaders on job boards. Also look for local manufacturing houses and news channels.

Build relationships with professionals

The film industry relies on connections that take some time to develop. You may find a role online – but it is the one you know that drives you forward. The most coveted jobs are not often posted on job websites or forums for everyone to see. Take some time while looking for a job to build relationships with colleagues, professors, and friends who may be able to help.

Everyone can serve as a useful bridge between you and a job. Don't be afraid to reach people on social media either. As long as you are respectful and professional, it is never a bad idea to wipe out some feelers. Some direct messages can lead to a video chat that justifies your career. It is important to prioritize relationships with others, especially as a remote employee.

Consider some valuable resources

Every job hunter should prepare for a somewhat rocky trip. There is a possibility that you will find a job within a week. Unfortunately, you are more likely to have to apply for many roles over a long period of time. Finding a job as a creator is already difficult – and remote filmmaking jobs during COVID-19 are not available as quickly as other positions. But you have options.

Follow other jobs when you find that you can't hold your own while looking for a job. Some roles don't require many special skills to keep you financially stable throughout your career. You may also want to consider resources for job loss if you recently lost your job. It is a difficult time for everyone, so it is wise to use these aid funds for stability.

You can even expand various skills to be a better filmmaker. As you learn and grow, it will be easier to find jobs. All employers love to see potential candidates who are training. Integrate some goals into your daily routine so that you can develop into a more rounded worker.

Use these suggestions to find work in the midst of corona virus

There are several ways to find remote filmmaker jobs during COVID-19 – pin down specific skills, explore different job boards, and build relationships with others. Try these tips and tricks so you can find a role that best fits your talents – and keep you busy in a turbulent time.

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