Red Giant releases Magic Bullet Suite 14.0
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Red Giant releases Magic Bullet Suite 14.0

Wednesday, November 18, 2020 | Written by Jim Thacker

Red Giant has released Magic Bullet Suite 14.0, the first major update to its suite of color grading tools for After Effects and Premiere Pro in over four years.

The Looks plugin has a new LUT browser, a channel mixer and interesting tools for Color Remap and Huenity. The Colorista plugin gets a new LUT and preset browser as well as a revised render engine for HDR functions.

However, the updated plugins don't currently support Apple's Final Cut Pro X or Motion after Apple made changes in macOS 11.0 Big Sur and in the apps themselves.

Looks 5.0: New tools for Color Remap, Huenity and Channel Mixer,
The update has been the first for Magic Bullet Suite for some time, version 13.0 was delivered in 2016.

The Looks color correction tool gets the longest list of changes. Magic Bullet Looks 5.0 includes a number of new utilities and color editing tools.

This includes Color Remap, which Red Giant calls "first of its kind". This allows users to map each color to a different one in the footage and view the results in a 3D color cube.

Recommended uses include fitting shots to color charts or fitting them to customer-supplied pallets.

The other major new tool is Huenity. It simplifies the color palette of the footage it is applied to by unifying similar hues, especially for skin tones.

You can see the workflow for both tools in the video above. The section on Huenity starts at 2:30 p.m. and the section on Color Remap starts at 8:30 p.m.

Among the more traditional tools is a new channel mixer, which allows information from one color channel to be fed into the output of another, for example to correct color casts.

The update also introduces a self-describing new LUT browser and preset search system.

Colorista 5.0: New HDR grading engine
The Colorista plug-in is also receiving an extensive update, with Colorista 5.0 revising its render engine for HDR grading work.

The update introduces new controls for highlights and shadows, a new control for clarity, and a new control for Highlight Boost for converting standard footage to HDR.

There is also a new Saturation EQ system that allows the color saturation to be adjusted using "different brightness or saturation bands" in the floor.

As with looks, Colorista is getting a new LUT browser and a new preset browser.

No support for Apple's Final Cut Pro or Motion yet
At the time of writing, none of the updated plugins are compatible with Apple's Final Cut Pro or Motion, both of which were previously supported in Magic Bullet Suite.

Red Giant attributes this to changes in macOS 11.0 Big Sur that were rolled out last week, as well as the apps themselves, both of which have migrated to Apple's new universal platform so that they can run on both older Intel Macs and Apple's new M1 chips can be run.

The company says it is "working with Apple to solve the problem".

The other plugins in the suite – Mojo and Film color correction tools; Renoiser and sister app Denoiser; and skin editing tool Cosmo – not updated this time.

Pricing and system requirements
Magic Bullet Suite 14.0 is available immediately. The price has increased by $ 100 to $ 999 since the previous release. It also no longer seems to be possible to buy the plugins individually: we contacted Red Giant to check this.

All of the component tools in the suite are compatible with After Effects 2017+ and Premiere Pro 2017+ on Windows and Mac OS X.

Individual tools are also compatible with DaVinci Resolve, HitFilm, Media Composer, and Vegas Pro. For a full list of compatible versions, see the product website.

For more information on the new features in Magic Bullet Suite 14.0, visit the Red Giant blog

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