Red Giant & Maxon, Sitting in a Tree — Prolost

Red Giant, where I've been chief creative officer for a few years but have been making film tools for you for 17 years, merged with Maxon, the makers of Cinema 4D.

From the Red Giant blog:

Hi folks, you've probably heard the news that Maxon and Red Giant are merging into one company. This is a really exciting time. Maxon and Red Giant have been connected on many levels for years – not only as a company, but also as good friends who share similar philosophies about work, life and community. We meet at trade fairs, support each other in our work, use each other's software and even collaborate on a short film.

In 2020, we will be moving from two separate companies – each with a serious passion for motion graphics and visual effects – to a team that unites in our love of creating great, indispensable tools and is always excited about the amazing and unexpected things community of users do them. We can't wait to work together to bring you new things that will blow your mind.

As a filmmaker and manufacturer of tools for filmmakers, I am very excited to see what we can do together.


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