Applications Now Open for 2021 Universal’s Global Talent Composer Initiative
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The Universal Filmed Entertainment Group (UFEG )’s Global Talent Development & Inclusion (GTDI) department announced that the application deadline for their composer initiative is now open. This was launched in 2018 when GTDI, in collaboration with the film music department of the studio, wanted to identify emerging and inexperienced talents at various points in their creative journey for music production opportunities across the studio and across its broad industry network. It is looking for artists with a traditional and unconventional background who have unique, global perspectives that they can translate into distinctive musical expressions.

Originally a one-year program that started with DreamWorks Animation, GTDI recognized the benefit of expanding the NBCUniversal portfolio and extending its term. Participants will now be exposed to more potential opportunities and more time to build important industry relationships.

The two-year initiative welcomes applicants from all creative and professional fields who want to improve their current professional efforts in the field of film and television music. Participants have access to the studio and network process, while the GTDI team raises awareness of this underrepresented talent in the network of NBCUniversal executives, producers and directors, leading to additional industry connections and mentors.

Check out the Universal Composers Initiative:

In its first year, the Universal Composers Initiative achieved the following successes:

  • Amie Doherty directed Focus Features & # 39; The High Note and the Jurassic short film Battle at Big Rock directed by Colin Trevorrow. She was recently selected to shoot DreamWorks Animation's feature film Spirit Riding Free, which is set to be released on May 14, 2021.
  • Orlando Perez Rosso recorded the theme music for an NBC sports show and two silent films for Universal's film restoration program.
  • Two composers have made award-winning short films for DreamWorks Animation.

Since GTDI was launched in 2017, the department has developed and maintained programs and initiatives that have led to real institutional changes in the entire studio and in the entire industry. The team's creative talent development includes the Universal Writers Program, the Universal Directors Initiative and the Universal Animation Writers Program, a unique animation writing program for feature film and television content. GTDI now has almost 100 alumni and current program and initiative talents, 40% of whom have received production credits, 50% of the credits produced are within NBCUniversal.

You can find the application on the initiative website. The deadline ends on August 23, 2020.

Source: NBCUniversal


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