Queer films to watch at Raindance Film Festival 2020
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The Raindance Film Festival 2020 queer strand brings to the fore stories that examine the everyday life, complexities, frustrations and celebrations of the LGBTQ + experience. Here are six short and feature films not to be missed at the 28th Raindance Film Festival.

A dark valley

Available on request 28 Oct-7 Nov | Check it out here

A curious biologist and his stoner graduate assistants weave their way through a summer research project. Deep in the Appalachian forests, you will encounter a trio of backpackers who are mysteriously changing their lives. Mystical, sexy and funny, this dreamlike film will cast its spell over you. This is a touching film that manages to bring its magic closer to the audience with its gripping atmosphere, fascinating performances and in-depth explorations.

The secret of the pink flamingo

Online demonstration Thursday 5 Nov at 4 p.m. and Friday 6 Nov at 2 p.m.

A square sound engineer undertakes an unusual research effort to uncover the secrets behind the iconic kitsch, the pink flamingo. His bizarre adventure unexpectedly turns into a creative journey towards self-discovery. A fun meditation on art, kitsch, and an affirmation of the uniqueness that everyone possesses.

Draw children

Online screening on November 6th at 7pm and on November 7th at 2pm

This touching documentary shows four different drag performers under the age of 12 celebrating their common interest together for the first time. After the tremendous trial of their short drag careers, the young stars must now prepare for the greatest performance of their lives at Montreal Pride. This deep immersion in drag art form captures the force it takes to perform it, especially as a kid, and makes for an insightful, joyful watch.

U up?

Available on request 28 Oct-7 Nov | Check it out here

Ben is home alone and receives a short but meaningful message from his online dating friend Nico. The latter's distant behavior prevents Ben from feeling like he can show his true feelings. The film examines commercials, foreplay, and how fear of rejection can blur judgment. This is a moving and compelling exploration of loneliness in a hyperconnected world.

Still from the short film U Up?

The cipher

Available on request 28 Oct-7 Nov | Check it out here

A young black rapper has to face his identity when performing on the big stage in a freestyle competition in Philadelphia. Through vivid images and dynamic camera movements, we control the heavy pressure of American battle rap and irreconcilable depictions of masculinity within the hip-hop community. This extraordinary short film shows the power of individuality, the pressures of the groups we belong to, and how we can find strength in a pluralistic identity.

Still from the short film The Cypher

The son's name

Available on request 28 Oct-7 Nov | Check it out here

Lucho, a 13-year-old trans boy, doesn't usually spend much time with his father. When they go on family vacation together, their new closeness puts their relationship to the test. The son's name explores the difficulty of dealing with fear while trying to re-establish a bond with the family. This powerful short film is a heartfelt, deep reminder of the price it takes to validate your identity and the rewards that come with it.

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