Wondering how good muzzle flashes are made
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Thanks for entering guys, I really appreciate it!

The muzzle flash that I create is for an isometric 3rd person game. It will likely be rather small (compared to first person shooters), but I still want it to look as good as possible for my potential customer (this is kind of an art test).

Here is my result so far: https://imgur.com/a/c518HOw

I only used poster particles and my main concern is creating the textures. Just making a few normal Photoshop sounds and taking out part of them works fine, but it doesn't have as many high quality details as in modern games. How can I create more detailed textures? Recommendations for software or workflows?

I showed this to a friend of mine and he pointed out that my effect doesn't harmonize well with the environment, such as with Ghost Recon. He also said that the muzzle flashes in Ghost Recon have a lot of glow, which I am currently missing. The side view of the muzzle flash is currently just a texture from Google, which I will replace with my own. Should I opt for a grayscale texture and use the color in UE to create this bloom?

I also wondered if there was a particular blending mode that would allow me to better integrate it into the environment. I thought about using additive instead of just transparent, but in the famous Blizzard talk about Diablo 2, I learned that on lighter backgrounds, it turns too white too drastically.

Any additional feedback is greatly appreciated!


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