Questions about building career in VFX in Europe or Canada
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Hi Guys,

First of all, thank you all, you are a great community. I just passed the test phase in my first VFX job and this would be much more difficult without this forum. If you don't want to read the entire post, the most important questions I want to ask are at the end.

I haven't found a question about the general VFX job market as most of you are familiar with it. I am a Russian citizen, but for many reasons I want to move my family to the EU or Canada.

So I'm trying to develop my skills in a direction that will be interesting for studios in these regions. And that's actually a very tricky question.

Obviously, mobile gaming is the largest industry where VFX Artist can work. But how many VFX Artist Mobile Games need? Much less in my mind than PC or console games. But if we talk about the importance of the role of the VFX artist, is the film industry perhaps the better choice? They know because they filmed Mandalorian with an unreal engine.
But at least here in Russia, vfx salaries in films are much lower than in games. I do not know if this is true in your region.
All of this becomes very complicated when we think about software, visa applications, occupational safety, etc.

But to limit this mess, I have prepared a few questions, if you have time, please answer, you will help me a lot.

  1. How many skills and software correlated between real-time VFX and pre-rendered VFX?
  2. Where is it easier to find a job: real-time VFX or pre-rendered. And are the salaries the same or not?
  3. What is actually more demanding: real time or pre-rendered. I ask because companies tend to hire someone abroad for more skill-intensive positions.
  4. Is focusing on mobile games vfx a viable option for your career?
  5. Is there a separation between stylized and realistic vfx? Maybe I'm totally wrong and I have to learn Houdini Sims and paint water animations by hand at the same time? Is it even real to be good (only good) with both?
  6. Is it possible to build a VFX career but not live in the US? I'm really scared of the cost of living there, but Artstation and Glassdoor tell me that most of the industry is there.

Thanks in advance!


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