Raindance MA Alumni Louise Salter Launches “Slowcooked: The Podcast”
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What does it really mean to be an artist? What gives an artist meaning and purpose? How do we strengthen our artistic muscles?

Louise Salter, award-winning actress, filmmaker, and Raindance MA graduate and mentor, is hosting an original podcast series called Slowcooked, which explores what it means to be an artist. Through philosophical and open-ended questions, Louise offers space for deeper conversations with renowned filmmakers, musicians, poets, architects and storytellers from various art forms around the world.

S.low boiled comes from an appreciation of the artistic process. Louise believes that "great stories are well-developed stories," and that this sums up the slow cooked ethos pretty well.

Each episode of the eight-part podcast series is released every Monday starting Monday October 26th to brighten up your week and align you with your creative self, starting with jazz guitarist Shirley Tetteh and the architect and design team leader at The Eden Project David Kirkland.

Available now for free listening and downloading from Apple Podcasts and Spotify.

Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/show/1nPiRllIzin5XfbBedHbYt?si=kT8y78MTTUiUJS950vmeKA

Louise entered the film industry as an actress, making award-winning short films while developing her skills as a producer. In 2017 Louise co-designed, produced and directed the short film How to be Human together with the Scottish Bafta winner Sophie Kennedy Clark. To make this movie possible, Louise achieved 121% of her goal through crowdfunding in 30 days.

Following the success of How to be Human, which can now be seen worldwide on DUST, Louise secured an investment that will enable her to develop her first feature film through her co-founded production company Slowcooked.

Louise mentors students in the Raindance Postgraduate Film Degree program on the jury of the 48-hour EMIFF film competition and is recognized by the BAFTA Albert Consortium as a carbon literacy filmmaker.

About Baptiste Charles

Baptiste is a writer from France, where it's always sunny. After a period in politics and his master's in management, he was a marketing intern at the 23rd Raindance Film Festival in 2015 and finally joined the team in 2016 as registrar of the MA in Filmmaking. He is enthusiastic about the diversity of the film, which he researches and writes about in detail. He is the producer of the successful web series "Netflix & Kill" and the multi-award-winning short film "Alder" as well as a writer for stage and screen. His short film "U Up?" is currently in pre-production.


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