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The VIEW conference has announced that its second Visionary Award will be given to Pixars Ralph Eggleston. Eggleston received an Oscar in 2002 for directing his short film "For the Birds". As a production designer, he has won three Annie Awards (Inside Out, Finding Nemo and Toy Story) and three nominations for the Art Directors Guild (Incredibles 2, Wall-E and The Incredibles). In 2018 he received the Winsor McCay Award from the Annie Awards.

The VIEW conference, which takes place in Turin, Italy, October 21-25, also revealed that Steve Goldberg, Visual Effects Supervisor at Walt Disney Animation Studios, will preview the studio's work on Frozen 2, the to be released on November 22nd. Goldberg was the veteran VFX supervisor at Tangled, the Oscar® winner Frozen. Goldberg received a BAFTA nomination for Disney Aladdin's visual effects in 1992.

Also recently added to the list were Alex Schwartz, producer of The Addams Family; Patrick Hackett, co-creator and Drew Skillman, creative director for Tilt Brush; and Frances Adair McKenzie, who will present in the VR room of the VIEW Conference.

Representatives of 16 feature films and Game of Thrones will give lectures and give workshops at VIEW 2019. This includes presentations by Brad Bird, Rob Legato, Peter Ramsey, Dean DeBlois, Eric Darnell, Rob Bredow and many others.

The beautiful city of Turin, Italy.

In addition, the multi-award-winning composer Michael Giacchino will conduct a concert on Tuesday evening, October 22nd. Giacchino received an Oscar and a Golden Globe for Up, and an Oscar nomination for Ratatouille. He has won several Annie Awards, several IFMCA Film Composer of the Year Awards and several ASCAP Awards. He has received Grammys for Ratatouille and Up and Grammy nominations for Star Trek, The Incredibles and Coco.

Some of the topics dealt with at VIEW 2019 this year range from "The Art of Film Opening" (director Brad Bird) to "The Future of Work" (Tom Wujec, Tech Pioneer); from “Welcome to Light Fields” (Paul Debevec, senior engineer at Google VR) to “Parr Home Renovations” (Ralph Eggleston, Pixar production designer); from "How XR (AR / MR / VR) influences how we create and what we create" (Eloi, Champagne) to "Costume Matters" (Deborah Landis, costume designer) and "The Timelessness of Dreams" (Kareem ) Ettouney, Media Molecule) on "Four decades of storytelling with innovation" (Rob Bredow, SVP and head of ILM).


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