Raman Djafari Signs to the Blinkink Roster
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Posted on Monday, October 19, 2020 Leave a comment

From the publication:

Raman Djafari's worlds dominate complex transitions, surreal interpretations of the human condition and an otherworldly color palette and are both comprehensive and enchanting. Because of his background in illustration, he was able to easily translate his love for alternate realities into animation, films, and music videos.

In developing this surreal style, Raman says: "All of my work has its roots in my sketchbook … (it) is a surface for reflection, an external hard drive of the brain." Facial Features We All Go Through ”. From unimaginable landscapes to obscure figures, he constantly pushes the boundaries of his visual and conceptual ideas.

To date, his work has selected numerous Vimeo employees, the Annecy Crystal Award for the best commissioned film, the best animated music video from Animattikon and the best music video at La Guarimba 2020. We look forward to the next steps!


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