Ray Fisher as Cyborg in "Justice League"
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Fisher promised never to work under DC Films President Walter Hamada, whose contract has just been extended to 2023.

Ray Fisher as a cyborg in

Ray Fisher as a cyborg in the "Justice League"

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Ray Fisher will not appear in the upcoming "Flash" movie because his character Cyborg was written from the film's script, reports The Wrap. The Warner Bros. comic book mast is directed by Andy filmmaker Andy Muschietti and will play Ezra Miller in the title role opposite two iterations of Batman played by Ben Affleck and Michael Keaton. Fisher had previously been hired to appear. The role of the actor as a cyborg is not redefined. IndieWire has contacted Warner Bros. for additional comments.

The news that Cyborg was removed from the script "The Flash" comes just a week after Fisher promised never to work under Walter Hamada, president of DC Films. Fisher wrote on Twitter: “Walter Hamada is the most dangerous type of enabler. His lies and the failed September 4 hit song by WB PR sought to undermine the very real problems of the Justice League investigation. I will not participate in any production related to it. "



Warner Bros. announced on January 5 that it would extend Hamada's contract as president of DC Films to 2023. Toby Emmerich, chairman of the Warner Bros Pictures Group, said in a statement that Hamada “is not only passionate about history and DC canon, but he is also a thoughtful and incredibly talented executive who is fully committed to it uses to invest the time and care it takes to make filmmaking on this scale. "

“With Walter overseeing our DC movies for the theater show and for HBO Max, we're excited that he and his team are bringing more of these stories to life and working with new and established talent to expand the reach and diversity of the DC movie universe . Emmerich's statement concluded.

In response to Hamada's new contract, Fisher wrote on social media: “It's strange how these reactionary announcements from (Warner Bros.) keep forgetting to mention that Walter Hamada spoke directly to Geoff Johns and Toby Emmerich (via & # 39; Shazam & # 39;) has collaborated with new league admissions … "

Fischer's future as a cyborg has been called into question since last July when the actor came forward to accuse Justice League of re-shooting director Joss Whedon for unprofessional behavior on the set. Fisher claimed producers Geoff Johns and Jon Berg made Whedon's behavior possible. Fisher's allegations prompted Warner Bros. parent company WarnerMedia to open an investigation into the matter in late August. WarnerMedia closed the investigation in December and announced that "remedial action" would take place, although no further details were given.

It's strange how those reactionary announcements from @wbpictures always forget to mention that Walter Hamada worked directly with Geoff Johns and Toby Emmerich (on Shazam) during the Justice League re-enrollments …

More soon.

A> E # WalterKnew https://t.co/KWXEpXhw9y

– Ray Fisher (@ ray8fisher) January 6, 2021

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