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Reallusion's Character Creator 3 is a complete character creation solution for easily creating, importing, and customizing stylized or realistic looking character elements. Reallusion Inc. wants to provide a software platform that connects professional animation technologies with content developers for character creation, motion detection and digital human solutions that combine fast and easy production with high quality results. The platform supports direct solutions, complex pipelines and real-time workflows.

Character Creator offers new tools that build on the previously released Digital Human Shader and Headshot plugins. It was developed to create both faces and bodies for use with Reallusion's own iClone software, as well as with Autodesk Maya, Blender, Unreal Engine 4, Unity and many other 3D tools. This new version aims to combine various important pipeline parts into a system for the generation, animation, rendering and interactive real-time use of 3D characters.

The second important aspect of the new version is SkinGen. The basic version of SkinGen is included as a free update in the CC3.3 version. It contains some embedded sample skins and makeup elements. The new CC3 Base + character base is required in order to be able to use all of SkinGen's new skin properties and qualities. There is also a Premium SkinGen (see below) with even more options and examples.

CC3 Base +

The new version 3.3, Character Base (CC3 Base +), offers the digital human base. The new CC3 Base + offers an extended drawing topology. The program provides an import upgrade path for any existing CC3 characters that a team may already have. This is important as the CC3 Base + has a completely different and enlarged UV room to help in more detail. It offers an evenly distributed quad surface and high-quality edge loops for smooth facial expressions. The new characters have really nice and consistent typologies and the tool covers all parts of the body, from fingers and hands to toes and feet. In addition, the UVs can be exported and exported fully optimized for work in Substance Painter or Mari etc.


The SkinGen Editor allows artists to stack skin and makeup materials, control blending options between layers, and change material attributes for color, transformation, and distribution. The new SkinGen facilitates skin details, make-up effects and tattoos for the digital characters. With the SkinGen Premium tools, you can extend the editing limit of 15 levels, get more control over skin & makeup details with custom SkinGen effects, and use a UV converter that also brings in DAZ textures for Character Creator 3 characters directly.

The system is designed to move across different digital signs in terms of age, gender, or ethnicity. In addition to the main SkinGen Premium, there are a number of Ultimate Digital Human Add-Ons that have also been released. All of these add-ons together with the Premium SkinGen are currently bundled. This expanded set of morphs and makeup effects currently also includes 12 figures in a bonus set for human anatomy (valid until the end of August 2020).

For example, the Makeup and SFX package as part of the Ultimate Bundle is a complete layer-based editing environment for creating custom makeup looks and SFX. It contains 280 make-up variants, from everyday casual looks to glamorous styles to creative looks such as reptile scales, cyberpunk, tattoos or battle-proven fighter looks.

Reallusion has partnered with Texturing XYZ and Adobe & # 39; s Substance for this release. SkinGen is embedded in MicroSkin textures licensed from Texturing XYZ, and the dynamic SkinGen material is based on Adobe Substance technology. "SkinGen is an important breakthrough in digital workflow for people," comments John Martin, VP, Product Marketing, Reallusion. “The tools in SkinGen are also supported by the combination of industry-leading partners such as Texturing XYZ and Substance. SkinGen allows anyone to create a character with custom looks for age or appearance and ultra-fine details down to the pores. "


Another popular part of the Reallusion Character Creator toolset is the headshot tool. This AI-powered Character Creator plugin generates 3D digital people in real time from a single image or photo. Although it is not part of the new bundle, a new version 1.1 was recently released. The headshot tool, with its intelligent texture blending and creation of head nets, was used to create digital double images that are designed for speech lip synchronization, facial expression and full body animation. The headshot tool contains two AI modes: Pro mode and Auto mode. Pro mode is high resolution and has more headshot morphs (1000+), as well as image mapping and texture reprojection tools. The Pro mode was developed for high-resolution processing at the production level with a texture resolution of 4096 × 4096 and a refinement of the face shape. Auto mode creates virtual heads with lower resolution and 3D hair in an automatic process. Unlike some human-made digital programs, reallusion tools like Headshot and CC3 have been trained on data that spans a wide range of ages, including babies. Many other character creation tools available on the market or shown in research are aimed exclusively at adult people.

One of the great benefits Reallusion offers is dedicated digital human software that is both easy to use and affordable for most artists. The main Ultimate Digital Human Creation Bundle currently costs $ 399 and with Headshot currently $ 499. CC3 plus headshot costs $ 299. These are perpetual licenses and not annual subscriptions.


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