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This small update for Autodesk 3ds Max provides better stability through a number of bug fixes.

Autodesk 3ds max

3D modeling, animation and rendering software for games and design visualization

3ds Max offers a comprehensive and flexible toolset that allows you to create premium designs with full artistic control.

  • Create huge worlds in games
  • Visualize high quality architectural renderings
  • Model finely detailed interiors and objects
  • Bring characters and functions to life with animation and VFX

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What's new in Autodesk 3ds Max?

Fixed issues

MAXX: animation

  • A crash in a parent CAT object when pressing the Time Warp key has been fixed. MAXX-57295
  • The buttons for opening curve editors for a CAT level with empty curve editors (no buttons or curves) have been corrected. MAXX-57284
  • Fixed the playback performance degradation when TrackView is open. MAXX-48640

MAXX: cloud

  • SvfExporter no longer exports the incorrect normal values ​​for vertices in the shared view. MAXX-57925
  • The PBR material (Spec / Gloss) now generates standard material when exporting to SVF format. MAXX-57851

MAXX: Interop

  • Mirrored or copied linked models are now imported through Direct Revit Import or Link Revit Import. MAXX-57610

MAXX: modeling

  • Fixed an issue where 3ds Max could crash when trying to remove a vertex where any surrounding face was triangular on a model with certain normals. MAXX-58681
  • The chamfer amount is now correctly reset to the default value when you right-click the spin boxes. MAXX-57689
  • Nets with negative vertex integer values ​​and unassigned map channel vertices no longer crash the IMeshValidator. MAXX-57667
  • The RemoveDegenerateFaces () and Mesh :: RemoveIllegalFaces () Mesh commands have been updated to support multiple threads, so these actions can be performed much faster on denser datasets. MAXX-57665
  • After using the Cut tool, the dotted preview line indicating where your cutting should take place is properly removed from the viewport. MAXX-57359
  • We are now performing advanced explicit comparisons between the cached mesh and the passed input mesh to determine whether topology changes to faces or vertices should invalidate the UVW data above the stack. MAXX-56960
  • Spline Influence helpers are now displayed in the viewport when created via MAXScript. MAXX-56225
  • A bug has been fixed where you could not undo some spline operations via MAXScript. MAXX-52577

MAXX: Python

  • The exception thrown when using quitMax () from the pymxs module to quit 3ds Max is now properly handled by the Python wrapper and the script execution is aborted to shutdown 3ds Max. MAXX-57459

MAXX: RealTimeWorkflows

  • When baking metal or roughness cards with Arnold, only card entries are taken into account, with parameter values ​​being ignored. MAXX-58195
  • The stability problem when using Bake to Texture with the Slate Material Editor open has been fixed. MAXX-58163
  • Multiple editing of the material output in Bake to Texture no longer leads to undesired instantiated material creation. MAXX-58108
  • The Bake To Texture dialog box now displays the Arnold_map_override map options when switching focus from another dialog box. MAXX-57820
  • Canceling a texture bake in Bake to Texture can sometimes save a partial bitmap in the output path. MAXX-57119
  • Background color is not used when baking with protrusions. MAXX-56982
  • Global Super Sampling settings are not taken into account when baking with a physical material or without material assigned with the scanline renderer. MAXX-56762

MAXX: rendering

  • Fixed support for UV channels over 32. MAXX-57439
  • If you edit a PNG file outside of 3ds Max, 3ds Max no longer crashes when the PNG is used in a scene. If the PNG is very large, the texture may disappear from the viewport. In this case it must be reloaded manually using the Reload button in the bitmap map. MAXX-56799
  • Improved behavior for zoom extensions for perspective viewports. MAXX-56742
  • The option to immediately change the value of Motion Capture Float Controller> MIDI trigger: Note input> Speed ​​parameter when a new MIDI note arrives has been activated. MAXX-54921
  • Loading scenes with many deep OSL shading trees is no longer very slow. MAXX-53240
  • A warning appears when collecting materials from the scene in the Slate Material Editor. The default number of materials in the scene that will trigger the warning is 10. You can change the default number to 0 using the "Warning when getting all scene materials" flag in the SME.ini file to restore legacy behavior. MAXX-47844

MAXX: viewport

  • Files from previous versions of 3ds Max no longer have the viewports set as custom. Note: There are still problems with files that contain multiple viewport tabs. In this case, only the tab that was opened when you saved is correct. The others are still set to user-defined. MAXX-56435
  • Files from 2021 that are used as templates will now set all viewports to default on all viewport tabs. However, templates from older versions of 3ds Max still have unselected tabs with viewports set to Custom. MAXX-56434
  • When saving and reopening scenes with multiple viewport tabs, all viewports are now set to default as expected. MAXX-56433

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