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AXYZ Design has updated anima Pro with several new features for 4D playback, including additional GPU video decoding for users with compatible NVIDIA GPUs.

anima Pro

Add people and crowds to your CG scenes with facial gestures and clothing movements!

anima® 4 introduces a new and unique hyper-realistic 4d person animation system that includes facial gestures and clothing movements. anima® 4 is the people and crowd animation application specially developed for architects and designers that allows you to quickly and easily create amazing 3D animated people!
With anima® 4 3D characters become human!

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The world of crowd simulation has been given new life with the release of anima® 4.1. This is an important step towards a new way of creating even more realistic and lifelike experiences. The software has been significantly improved since version 3.5 and is the best and fastest option on the market that focuses on a single goal: no fancy features, simpler and more consistent workflows and at the same time affordable. To achieve this, a new and innovative method for capturing real people in motion has been developed, which is supported by a new algorithm for compressing animation data. Much effort has also been made to improve the general usability of Anima by making it even more compatible with industry standards.

What's in the Anima 4.1 update?

This update contains a whole range of new features for 4D playback. Some improvements have been made to Anima to handle a lot more 4D actors than was previously possible. The biggest improvement comes from the addition of GPU video decoding for users with compatible NVIDIA GPUs.

anima®: The biggest improvement comes from the addition of GPU video decoding for users with compatible NVIDIA GPUs. On supported systems, a new option will appear in the Settings Panel that will allow you to choose between CPU or GPU video decoding. Choosing GPU decoding will greatly improve the performance of playing 4D actors in the Anima viewport while reducing overall CPU usage. Many other optimizations have also been implemented to process larger numbers of 4D actors in the viewport at the same time without having to convert them to boxes. If you want to try this out, you will need to increase the previous limitation of the 4D actors visible in the graphics window of the viewport. A new LOD has also been implemented to improve playback from very long distances. This is automatically applied when the 4D assets are updated to their newer version.
anima: The simulation performance has been improved for scenes with a large background. The internal collision tree has also been made more efficient, resulting in both a speed increase and a decrease in file size for each Anima project.

metropoly®: The entire collection of 4D actors has been reprocessed for a higher and more consistent level of quality. These assets are backward compatible with previous versions of Anima, but most of their performance enhancements will be available when Anima is upgraded to 4.1.0. The most notable change will be that the texture quality of these actors when rendered by the Anima plugin is higher than in the current version.

Unreal Engine 4® plugin: This update also contains many optimizations for the Unreal Engine 4 plug-in, which makes real-time playback of Anima projects much more practical. Firstly, LODs are now generated for all characters, resulting in many performance improvements when viewing large numbers of characters from a distance. Second, we added direct transfer capabilities when using GPU decoding to play 4D actors, resulting in some really big gains in real-time performance. For example, internal benchmarks have shown that scenes with up to 20 4D actors in a system with a single GTX 1080 can range from around 20 FPS to 160 FPS, making these projects much more profitable for projects with high frame rates. These performance improvements are available when you use the RHI D3D11 or D3D12. Vulkan RHI will also have performance improvements, but no direct broadcast is currently available. We encourage you to try this update if you want to have 4D actors in real-time scenarios.

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