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Blue Cat Audio has updated some of its products: Axiom, Patchwork and MB-7 Mixer. These updates are free and add new features and improvements. The free update can be downloaded from the same location as the original full version (link received by email with purchase).

What's new for all plug-ins:

  • Tail Spillover: Enable the Tail Spillover in the toolbar to play the Tail effect when bypassed (available for the plug-in itself, subsections, or built-in delays and reverbs).
  • You can now use the arrow buttons to navigate through presets in the main view or in the presets browser.
  • The opacity of the tone mapping window can now be adjusted for built-in effects.
  • Smoother switching of presets.
  • Improved smooth plug-in bypass (faster and smoother transition).
  • Fixed: The status of some VST2 plug-ins (which do not save their status as chunks) was not properly restored when their number of parameters was changed (e.g. the latest update of FabFilter Pro-Q).
  • Mac: Fixed GUI performance issues on native P3 displays and improved performance on other displays (details here:…/slow-mac-how-to-fix-mac-gui-performance-issues).
  • Mac: Fixed mouse wheel that required large movements to change parameter values.
  • Mac: Problems with cursor flickering have been resolved.
  • Mac: The Esc key was closed, which did not close the dialog with the fine-tuning parameters.
  • Mac: Fixed keyboard does not respond in the registration field in some host applications (LUNA, Garage Band …).
  • Mac Audio Unit: Fixed plug-in list in some host applications (Plogue Bidule, …).

What's new in Axiom 1.5:

  • New hi-gain presets with user-defined impulse responses (IR).
  • New responsive clean and crunch presets.
  • Reduced discrepancies between volume and spectral balance between presets.
  • Effects levels have been adjusted to keep volume when bypassed.
  • The reverb levels of all presets have been adjusted.
  • Most presets now properly support the input overload (as with amplifiers from the “real world”): You can increase the input gain by a few dB at any time.
  • New standard presetting for a quick introduction to the software.
  • Fixed: Built-in late responses sometimes reduce the end of delay when using plug-ins in the feedback loops.
  • Fixed: Output was mono when both A and B are turned off and the I / O configuration is mono to stereo.
  • New high resolution graphics for sliders and sliders.

What's new for PatchWork and MB-7 Mixer:

  • Reduced space requirement.
  • Fixed: Several problems with the bypass of hosted plug-ins (graphic malfunctions, bypass not triggered, …).
  • Mac: Fixed demo version that Logic could hang when reloading projects with the plug-in.

Blue cat axiom

Blue Cat's Axiom is a powerful and open multi-effects processor and amp simulation software for guitar and bass. In fact, Axiom is based on the acclaimed Destructor plug-in for amp simulations. Axiom offers an infinite number of extraordinary tones for your ax.

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Blue Cat PatchWork

Blue Cat's PatchWork is a universal patchbay for plug-ins that can host up to 64 VST or Audio Unit plug-ins in one instance in each Digital Audio Workstation (DAW).

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Blue Cat MB-7 mixer

Blue Cat's MB-7 mixer is a unique plug-in that divides the signal into multiple frequency bands, allowing you to mix and process them as if they were separate tracks.

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