Boris Optics 2021.2 Update
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Boris FX yesterday released Optics 2021.2, an update for Photoshop, Lightroom and the standalone tool. This is a free update for all Optics license holders. Try a free demo today! The link is at the bottom of the page.

Boris FX Optics 2021.2 New Features

Busy cursor
A busy cursor is now displayed when processing filters and preferences. Although the busy cursor is displayed, the user interface is still responding.

Duplicate layer
Layers can now be duplicated by choosing Edit> Duplicate, or right-clicking the layer and selecting Duplicate Layer. The duplicated layer is added above the selected layer and becomes the new active layer.

GPU rendering settings
The GPU rendering setting now also affects the Sapphire filters.

Layer context menu
Previously, only Clear Layers and Clear Filters were shown when you right-click the layer thumbnail, and Clear Mask when you right-click the mask thumbnail. If you now right-click on a layer, except directly above a mask, you will now see both Delete Layer and Delete Filter and Delete Masks (all masks). If you right-click a thumbnail of the mask, you will still see Delete Mask (Single Mask).

License window
"Run in demo mode" has been moved to "Request test" in the license window.

Move layers
The clickable area for moving a layer can be small depending on the width of the layer menu. You can now click any open space within a layer to drag and move it.

S_LensFlare Preferences> Flare Position
If you moved the flare position in S_LensFlare and then selected a different preset lens flare selection, the lens flare position was reset. Now if you choose a different preset lens effect selection, the flare position will not be reset.

There have also been numerous bug fixes. To view all of the changes in this update, click the Updates tab on the Optics product page.

Boris FX Optics

Light effects, film materials, color qualities and more!

Boris FX Optics is the definitive digital toolbox for photos. Developed by professional VFX feature film artists, Optics simulates optical camera filters, specialty lenses, film materials and grain, lens effects, optical laboratory processes, color correction, and natural light and photographic effects. Take your images to the next level and give Optics a try.

Now available as a plug-in for Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom and as a standalone application for MacOS and Windows. Buy a new license or choose a subscription option.

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Boris FX SuiteBoris FX Suite

The ultimate visual effects package

Boris FX Suite offers the industry's best complete library of award-winning Boris FX tools, such as: B. Visual Effects Tools, Planar Tracking, and Rotoscopic Tools. In other words, get it all for one great annual price of $ 1,295.

The Boris FX Suite includes:
Sapphire Plugin Suite multihost license.
Continuum Plugin Suite multihost license.
Mocha Pro standalone application and the multihost Mocha Pro plugin.
Silhouette standalone application and the multihost Silhouette Paint plug-in.
Also, get Boris FX Optics, a multihost plugin.

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