phoenix fd update 3
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This update to Chaos Group Phoenix FD for 3ds Max and Maya brings new and improved features, including V-Ray 5 support in Phoenix FD for Maya, and more.

New and improved features include support for V-Ray 5 in Phoenix FD for Maya, force tuning, faster particle previews, and improved sticky liquids to make your workflow faster and easier.

New and improved features in Phoenix FD 4 for 3ds Max and Maya Update 3 include:

Force tuning

Forces can now affect particles or voxels with specific channels, inside or outside of geometries, or according to textures, so you can mask forces and precisely control how forces affect the simulation.

Faster particle previews

We added a faster particle preview and the ability to preview the rendering displacement of the particles in the viewport.

Faster rendering and simulations

Play fire and smoke with the Use probabilistic shading With V-Ray 5, the option is now much faster. Fire and smoke simulations as well as large FLIP liquid simulations are also accelerated.

Improved Sticky Liquids

Sticky liquids can now adhere to geometries without viscosity and form a thin liquid network.

Color map for the particle shader with V-Ray GPU

Cacheless simulation

The Cacheless Simulation option speeds up large simulations considerably. Only the last simulated frame is saved, and GPU previews can now be saved.

New stand-alone preview tool layout

New layout for the standalone preview tool, which allows all panels to be docked, rearranged, or separated from the main window.

Convert VDB to AUR caches

Convert VDB to AUR caches using the cache_converter tool. AUR files are generally loaded and rendered faster than VDB files.


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