dem earth update
Demearth Update4031.jpg

CinemaPlugins has updated DEM Earth for Cinema 4D R20, R21 / S22 with several complete conversions for more speed and also to prepare for R23.

CinemaPlugins DEM Earth

CinemaPlugins DEM Earth will automatically download the data necessary to create the model you want. For clarity, you only need to enter a geographic coordinate. Produce interactive and dynamic landscapes in real time! Pan, zoom, animate, and place everything however you want.

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What's new in version 4.031?

  • Complete rebuild of the entire project for unified and automated builds in R20, 21, 22 and beyond. This speeds up updates.
  • Complete re-creation of the methods for downloading elevation data. No more waiting for elevation data to be loaded. New potential.
  • Complete rebuilding of the geocoder.
  • Lots of changes in preparation for R23 and beyond.
  • Other bug fixes.

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