gsg plus metal update
Gsgplus Metalupdate.jpg

Greyscalegorilla has added a number of new functions to GSG Plus: New materials and HDRIs for creating realistic metallic renderings.

Greyscale Gorilla Plus

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What's new in Plus?

Plus Update includes tools that can be used alone or together Add insane realism to your renderings. Here's what Plus members get today:

  • Greyscale Gorilla Metal material collection
  • Pro Studio Metals Vol. 2 HDRIs
  • Surface defects: crust
  • Neon material collection

In addition to new materials and HDRIs, GSG also has a full set of Neon letters and symbols to be used in conjunction with the new neon materials.

Join Plus and take advantage of these fantastic new tools (and all of your other customer favorites) NOW! That's over $ 8,000 in plugins, materials, and training!

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