krotos concept update 1.2.0
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This update for Krotos Audio Concept features new filters, drag and drop FX rearrangement, additional presets, MIDI learn and a new lower price!

Kroto's audio concept

Concept is an intuitive and creative soft synth that lets you create your own patches quickly and inspiringly. Concept's flexible synth engine lets you create anything from traditional synth sounds to more complex textures and custom sound design elements. Thanks to a new modulation approach, each parameter can be assigned to one of four highly editable multimode modulators in the middle of the Concept user interface. Choose from a variety of flexible modulation options such as an envelope / pitch follower, an X / Y capture pad and the unique “Tweak It” adjustment system.

What's new in Concept v1.2.0?

This latest version of Concept adds new creative options and improves the workflow when using the plugin.

New filter types added

(Formant, 12 dB high pass, 12 dB low pass, 24 dB band pass, 12 dB band pass)

Expand your creative palette with filters that mimic the human voice (formant) or give you more control over the design of your sound. The new additions to the ladder filter (for high pass, low pass and band pass) are all equipped with drive to drive these aggressive synth sounds even further. Remember that these new filter types can also be used in the filter in the FX rack, so that you can operate up to 4 filters in series or in parallel!

FX rack reordering via drag & drop

Just take the double arrow in the corner of an FX rack and drag it up or down to change the route of your FX on the fly! This is a fantastic way to explore Concept's built-in effects and get some exciting and unexpected results at high speed.

Midi Learn added

Simply right-click on a parameter and assign it to your MIDI controller in Concept. You can also save and call up these assignments in the menu. MIDI assignments are saved across presets and throughout your session, making your work faster and more flexible.

Active / Inactive states in oscillator and FX rack user interfaces for an improved workflow

Now it's easier than ever to keep track of what's going on in Concept. Every inactive area of ​​the plug-in (including all oscillators and effects) is greyed out so you can quickly see at a glance what is affecting your sound.

New lower price

Concept also gets a permanent drop in prices!

The concept was $ 129, now you can get it for just $ 99!

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