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Krotos Audio has updated its flagship layering solution, Weaponiser, with an improved browser and other improvements and fixes. Weaponiser is available in 2 versions: Basic and Fully Loaded.


Weaponiser is Krotos Audio's flagship layering solution that allows you to design, customize, and run a variety of sound effects in real time to save hours of editing time.

Weapoiniser is available in 2 versions: Basic and Fully Loaded.

What's new in version 1.3?

1: Browser updated with new tags

With the latest Weaponiser update v1.2.0a making waves in the sound design community, we felt it was time to improve the default browser. This uses our own tag-controlled database so that you can find sounds quickly and integrate them into the powerful Weaponiser sample engine.

Since the plugin no longer focuses on gun design, this browser has been updated to quickly filter the wide range of Factory content by popular categories. You will see that we kept the most popular tags from the original Weaponiser tags.

This has now been updated to work at high speed with all Factory content and even add-on libraries like Battle Bundle, Pulse Energy Weapons, and Futurism.

2: Fixes and improvements

This new version of Weaponiser also includes a number of fixes to the plugin that have been reported by users that improve stability and workflow.

  • Fixed the browser not displaying all files or external hard drives when switching between the Library and File tabs
  • Correction in the browser search bar where some folders were not displayed until the search was updated
  • Corrections to reverb routing and triggering
  • Improved variation triggering (fixed a bug where pitch variations sometimes only occurred after 5 triggers)
  • Fixed a crash with large presets
  • Missing files can be found by folder and not just by file, which improves the workflow!

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How to update Weaponiser

To get the latest version of Weaponiser, log into your Krotos account and go to the "My Downloads" section.


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