Update: Pixologic ZBrush 2021.5 with Thick Skin
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What's new in Pixologic ZBrush 2021.5?

New features in Pixologic ZBrush 2021.5 include Thick Skin, Sculptris Pro Enhancements, Contrast and Curves Helper. You can also now preview the ambient occlusion. Not to mention new ZModeler additions.

Thick skin

Thick Skin is used for the true feeling of adding, removing, or moving clay across a surface. This gives each net the appearance of a work of art. Thick skin can also be used to define a specific plateau from which to build on a surface to create scales and other features of consistent height or depth.

Sculptris Pro improvements

The performance of Sculptris Pro has been improved and further strengthened as a system for real creativity without restrictions.


Haven't you made those folds deep enough? Do you need to tweak the details of those fish scales for a 3D print? The Contrast slider allows you to globally enhance all sculpting details, while the Contrast Brushes allow you to focus on specific areas to enhance your sculptor details. Certain depths can be applied individually and even adjusted in real time, creating real freedom of experimentation.

Contrast isn't just about the details. It can also be used to flatten a surface back to its original state before any sculpting details were applied.

Curve helper

Do you need to tie a knot around the character's waist, create a flow of wire through a mech, or attach shoelaces to a shoe or boot? Curves Helper is your answer! It's very simple: draw any shape you want with ZSpheres and adapt it to your needs. Then with a single click, convert the Zspheres to an editable curve that can now be applied to any surface along the curve.

Continue your changes in Curve mode, including swapping out the geometry applied along the curve.

Ambient occlusion preview

Sculpt with real-time rendering accuracy that captures every stroke applied to your mesh. Real-time ambient occlusion allows you to quickly identify which parts of your model need that extra touch. Bring your creations to life in real time with the Preview AO (Ambient Occlusion) feature.

ZModeler supplements

Don't let the walls of your topology limit your creative process. Intersect your topology along an edge, face, or point to control the direction in which you want polygons to be constructed. When you've got everything in order, apply a crease to multiple edges with two clicks to maintain the sharp edge required for your next hard surface model.

Use the Fill PolyGroup option to mark the areas where you will add an extra layer of topology to create an armor suit or the right level of detail on a utility knife.

Axis rotation

Lock your model with an axis of rotation to make you feel like you are working on a sculpture stand, just like the sound engineers did. Use the Axis Rotation option to set a degree of rotation for your model during a presentation meeting, or to limit the viewing area you want to only part of the model.

3D Connexion Mouse support

Navigate so that you are freed from a keyboard. If you use the line of 3D Connexion Mice, you can navigate with just a light touch of the navigation button. Rotate and zoom at the same time or rotate around the point you want without stopping your sculpting step.

And more…

Two new render presets have been added.
A new radial overlay filter lets you focus your rendering on a specific part of the scene.
Various plug-ins have been updated.

Four new demo projects have been added to serve as the basis for many shapes.
Several brushes have been added to take advantage of the Thick Skin feature.


ZBrush 2021.5 is a FREE UPGRADE for all registered ZBrush users. It is also available for new users to buy right away.

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