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Red Giant has updated Universe, which is equipped with GPU-accelerated plug-ins for editors and graphic designers, with 2 new tools, updates for 4 more and more presets.


Universe is a collection of 89 GPU-accelerated plug-ins for editors and graphic designers.

What's new in Universe v3.3?

This update includes 2 new tools and updates to 4 existing tools – not to mention a number of great presets to get you started. In this version there are a total of 89 tools in the universe.


  • Quantum: A tool that creates the illusion of an animated trail of light in front of or behind a layer. Ideal for text and motion graphics
  • Modes: A tool that lets you combine layers in a whole new way, using powerful features that go beyond the native blend modes in your edit timeline.

BONUS: Modi is a great tool for any editor. However, if you use Avid Media Composer, which does not have blend modes on the timeline, it becomes a game changer.


The following has been added to each of the 4 updated tools:

  • Glow: Now offers Inverse Square Glow Falloff, chromatic aberration in multiple passes and the ability to glow a single color channel.
  • Mica: This update offers you 6 mono- or bidirectional light strips with variable intensity and color assignment, an animatable shimmer, variable rotation control and color cards that are aligned with Trapcodes Starglow.
  • Chromatic deviation: This tool now includes control of the area of ​​focus, the ability to split the aberration into multiple passes, and chromatic rotation.
  • Hacker text: The addition of customizable random characters and the ability to animate the encryption and decryption automatically.


  • Universe 3.3 includes a total of over 100 new presets for the new and updated tools.


If you already have Red Giant Application Manager installed, upgrading is easy. Just follow these steps:

  1. Open the Red Giant Application Manager.
  2. Close all host applications.
  3. Click the Update button for Universe.
  4. Follow the instructions of the installation program.

IMPORTANT NOTE: In Universe 3.1, RG switched from Red Giant Link to Red Giant Application Manager. If you have not yet upgraded to Red Giant Application Manager, follow THESE UPGRADE INSTRUCTIONS so that you can get and stay current with the latest version of Universe.

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