reality capture update 1.1.1
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Open the same PPI scene and work with it on different computers

You can now open and change PPI projects on different PCs. With this new feature you can open and edit a locked PPI project on another computer and RC account. It can be opened on up to 8 computers. However, make sure that only one computer is using the PPI project at a time.

Automatic save mode

We have also introduced automatic saving – your project is saved continuously so that you don't lose your work if something happens. Go to application settings and select “YES” in auto save mode.
Auto-save creates an .autosave file next to the original project (or temporary folder) after 30 seconds when changes are made to a project.

Continue model reconstruction after the app closes unexpectedly

If you were calculating a model and something unexpected happened halfway through, you can now reopen the project, restore the last changes, and continue with the model reconstruction. This is an extension of the brand new auto save feature.

Headless mode for CLI

It is now possible to run the application without the main user interface using the "headless" command.

Zoom function for the RealityCapture workspace

See the RealityCapture user interface better with bigger icons and text. This feature is especially useful for users with high resolution screens. This feature improves the user experience and increases readability.

Real-time alignment assistant on any smart device with local network processing (CLI user)

With the RealityCapture wizard or the second screen, you can scan a data set with your smartphone and send data directly to RealityCapture, where the model is aligned in real time.
On your phone's screen, you can see the camera positions and thus determine whether the photos you have taken are sufficiently overlapping and covered.
In RealityCapture you can connect several telephones to a project and collect the data in parallel.
To access this brand new feature, click Real Time Assistance under the Workflow section in the application pane. Scan the QR code that appears and you are paired with RealityCapture and can scan with your phone. This function is currently limited to your local network. That said, both your phone and your computer must be on the same WiFi network. This function only works with ENTERPRISE licenses and perpetual ENTERPRISE licenses with active maintenance.

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