resolume update 7.3.1
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Resolume has updated the Avenue VJ software and Arena Media Server, adding a new toggle clip trigger style, optional NDI PTZ options, and more.

Avenue VJ software

Avenue is a tool for VJs, AV performers, and video artists. With Avenue you always have all media and effects at hand, so you can quickly improvise your live images.

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Arena Media Server

Arena has everything Avenue has to offer, plus advanced options for projection mapping and mixing projectors. Control it from a lighting desk and sync it to the DJ via SMPTE timecode.

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What's new in version 7.3.1?

New clip trigger style: Toggle
With the toggle clip trigger style, you can click on a clip to start it. Click it again to stop it instead of restarting it by default. Click, start, click, stop. Begin. Stop. Start stop. Begin. Stop!

Optional NDI PTZ options
The pan, tilt and zoom options on NDI cameras are now optional so you can control the PTZ externally and Arena will not apply the PTZ if you do not want to.


  • # 14778 Acuarela effect cannot be found in the composition
  • # 14790 Acuarela destroys the alpha channel
  • # 14779 Text renderers render lines with an offset. Resizing text moves the vertical center of the line
  • # 14783 Card crossfader cannot be linked
  • # 14785 Keyboard shortcuts to set the cue point do not work

Fix list

  • # 14374 ProRes renderings are not correctly recognized by Adobe
  • # 14414 Infinite zoom effect requires a reset button
  • # 14430 These clip links show that they are no longer assigned after adding layers. Oddly enough, they still work
  • # 14494 The speed control (multiplier) for the transport can be changed with the scroll wheel when the mouse is pressed
  • # 14499 Soft edge parameters should be hidden when soft edge is disabled
  • # 14566 The key combination in value mode defines the parameters both when the key is pressed and when the key is pressed
  • # 14624 “This…” midi links are interrupted after some triggers in 7.3.1
  • # 14717 Crash load composition with the envelope end point shifted from the end of the range
  • # 14730 Crash when changing layer / column / clip color via top level menu
  • # 14731 Effect of the crash settings mask image parameters on the timeline
  • # 14733 Crash when dragging the keyframe at the end of the envelope

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