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With this update, U-Render v2020.9.2 is now fully integrated in Cinema 4D R23. There's also a new feature that adds RGB curves to the post-processing filter for color correction. The full press release on this update can be found below.

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Based on the latest advances in real-time rendering, U-RENDER integrates with traditional rendering pipelines and supports and replaces offline CPU and GPU rendering solutions.

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What's new in U-Render v2020.9.2?

U-Render 2020.9.2 is now fully integrated in Cinema 4D. The stand-alone renderer no longer needs to be running. With U-Render fully integrated with Cinema 4D, you can now view the live rendering in the Cinema 4D viewport.

This version also adds RGB curves to the post-processing filter for color correction.


New features
  • Post effects
    • RGB curves have been added to the color correction post-processing filter (1860).
Changes & improvements
  • reflections
    • Screen space reflections now show mirror and ambient reflections on reflected objects (1838)
  • Volumetrics
    • Shadow colors can now be activated to influence volumetric shadows (1455)
    • Fixed black artifacts when the volumetric slice plane was smaller than the close plane of the camera (1705).
  • materials
    • The gloss / roughness mixing mode of clear coat did not work properly (1854)
    • The ambient reflection of the clearcoat was missing when the reflection channel was deactivated (1855).

Cinema 4D plug-in

New features
  • Complete integration in Cinema 4D
    • The renderer is now included in the plug-in. No stand-alone renderer is required, but can be used optionally.
    • U-Render's live preview is now fully integrated into the Cinema 4D viewport.
Changes & improvements
  • Improvements to full integration with Cinema 4D since preview.
  • Background object rendering now works in the viewport (1857).
  • Freezing fixed when "Use as render view" is activated in another viewport (1851)

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Press release:


Introduction of full integration in Cinema 4D and RGB curves for the color correction post-processing filter.

Klagenfurt, Austria – October 7, 2020–UPPERCUT Visual Technology Uvt GmbH announced the last stable update of U-RENDER, the real-time render engine developed by the Austrian company.

After Maxon's release of Cinema 4D R23 last month, U-RENDER is now fully integrated into Cinema 4D and includes a new feature in the post-processing filter for color correction.

Thanks to the full integration, it is possible to work directly in Cinema 4D and use the live rendering in the C4D viewport. The standalone renderer is no longer required for rendering, only to activate the software. This is a clear benefit for the workflow: no more interruptions for creativity.

The new version of the real-time software U-RENDER also contains some changes and improvements. In the reflections feature, the reflections in the screen area now show specular and ambient reflections on reflected objects to expand the range of different styles that can be created by the user. In terms of volumetry, shadow colors can be activated to also influence volumetric shadows and achieve a more realistic result. Fixed some visual artifacts caused by a mismatch between the volumetric clipping plane and the camera close plane. In addition, the gloss / roughness texture characteristics of the clearcoat and the ambient reflection of the clearcoat are now stable and work properly to create well-defined materials such as automotive paints, painted woods, coated metals, and plastics.

"With this last version we are also very proud to improve the full integration for our customers with a new function." said Benjamin Prader, U-RENDER COO. "The RGB curves are now part of the post-processing filter for color correction, along with the other features of the category such as flower, depth of field, chromatic aberration, vignette, and tone mapping."

About UPPERCUT Visual Technology Uvt Gmb
HUPPERCUT Visual Technology Uvt GmbH is a leading Austrian developer of graphics software for 3D rendering. U-Render brings the latest advances in real-time rendering to the established rendering pipeline. It is currently available for Maxon Cinema 4D, but other integrations are on the roadmap. https://u-render.com/


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