Richard Rosenman releases DOF PRO for After Effects
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Richard Rosenman publishes DOF ​​PRO for After Effects

Tuesday, October 27, 2020 | Written by Jim Thacker

Tool developer Richard Rosenman has made DOF PRO, his popular Photoshop plug-in for depth of field generation, available for After Effects.

DOF PRO 1.0 for After Effects also includes new features not available in the Photoshop edition, including full alpha channel support, 32-bit floating point color support, and new aperture and iris displays.

A powerful tool for adding realistic depth of field effects to photos and 3D renderings
DOF PRO was first released for Photoshop in 2005 and was formerly known as Depth of Field Generator Pro. It is one of the most comprehensive depth of field systems currently available.

The original Photoshop plug-in adds highly user-controllable depth of field effects to 3D renderings or photographic images based on a depth map captured from the same camera position.

The advanced features include support for chromatic and achromatic aberration. Bokeh differentiation in the focal plane; Astigmatism and vignetting effects; Support for custom aperture cards; and sound restoration.

The new After Effects edition supports 32-bit footage
The After Effects Edition not only offers the ability to use the existing features with moving images for VFX, motion graphics, or general compositing functions, but also contains several new features.

According to Rosenman, they include "full support for alpha channels / transparency, 32-bit floating point color support, accurate aperture display [and] an iris array display".

Here's a breakdown of what it does when you compare the plug-in to After Effects' Blur Camera Lenses.

Prices and availability
DOF Pro 1.0 is available for After Effects CS6 + and runs on Windows 7+ and Mac OS X 10.9+. It costs $ 199.99.

Check out a full list of what's new in DOF PRO 1.0 for After Effects

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