Richard Stokes: Embergen Challange - Real Time VFX
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Finally time to start production! Conveniently, a bombing was a planned feature for a wizard counterattack game that I've been doing over the past few months to make this go well together. What is not practical is that I have to consider some additional restrictions, such as: B. the performance and replication capability across clients. Currently I have worked out the blueprint frame with some placeholder effects.

Ultimate goal I'm aiming for something similar to the Morsmodre spell from Harry Potter:

The bolt leaves the wand, blasting a flair that soars high in the sky and conjures up a huge cloud / skull that then shoots meteors down to cause great damage and zoning bomb sites.

If someone interested in coding replicated bombardments would do a breakdown later, but since the challenge is focused on the visual aspects, I don't think that's particularly relevant right now.


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