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Rococo brings smartgloves to market

Thursday, September 17, 2020 | Written by Jim Thacker

Rokoko Electronics has launched Smartgloves, a new set of inertial motion detection gloves that has been dubbed "the only studio-quality hand and finger tracking solution for under $ 1,000".

The data captured by the gloves, which can be pre-ordered, can be transmitted by the company's Rococo Studio software to game engines and DCC applications such as Unity, UE4, Maya and Blender.

Part of a complete family of affordable motion capture solutions
Smartgloves are expanding Rokoko's suite of low-cost motion capture solutions, including Smartsuit Pro, its inertial mocap suit, and Rokoko Remote, its markerless face tracking system.

With an MSRP of $ 995, they are significantly cheaper than most finger tracking solutions currently available, with the exception of game controllers like Ultraleaps Leap Motion.

Amongst Smartgloves' direct competitors, Perception Neuron's Studio Gloves cost $ 1,499, while other Mocap gloves are priced well in excess of $ thousands.

Stream Mocap data live in DCC software or game engines or export them in standard file formats
Smartgloves are fingerless textile gloves – a shell made of polyamide and elastane with a leather palm – with a unisex design that is available in four sizes from small to extra large.

Hand and finger tracking is carried out via seven inertia sensors embedded in each glove. The data is transmitted via WLAN at up to 100 frames per second to the workstation or laptop on which Rokoko Studio is running.

From there it can be streamed live in applications with Rokoko Studio integration plugins – currently Blender, iClone, Maya, MotionBuilder, Unity and Unreal Engine – or exported in FBX, BVH or CSV format.

The gloves are connected via USB cables to a body-mounted power bank with 5000 mAh batteries, which must be purchased separately. Rococo indicates an operating time of six hours per charge.

Pricing and system requirements
Rococo's smartgloves are expected to ship in November 2020 and have an MSRP of $ 995. The SmartSuit Pro itself is priced at $ 2,495. Various bundle offers are available.

You can export data with a free basic subscription to Rokoko Studio, but the live integration plugins or face capture are not supported. Paid subscriptions range from $ 24 / user / month to $ 119 / user / month.

The full technical specifications for the Smartgloves can be found on the Rococo website

Read the Rococo FAQs on Smartgloves

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