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e-on celebrates the fall season with an exclusive offer for September. Until September 30, 2020 you will receive a 30% discount on all three versions of the E-On software. This is the perfect time to get the most out of the latest versions of VUE and PlantFactory and save a lot of money!

Highlights of the latest R5 version:

  • Significantly improved displacement with new subdivision modes,
  • Nvidia OptiX and Intel OpenImage Denoisers for the PathTracer,
  • Import of real satellite maps for the automatic texturing of real terrain
  • New PBR compliant PlantFactory viewport,
  • Support for 3DS Max 2021, Maya 2020 and Cinema 4D S22 for the integration plugins VUE and PlantFactory *,
  • Introduction of Python 3.8 *,
  • 350 new collection items that adds up to the 575 added in previous versions,
  • 300+ performance improvements and fixes.

Start with VUE and PlantFactory now and save 30% reduced from the regular price!

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e-on software creator solution

Includes VUE Creator and PlantFactory Creator – an attractive solution for artists to keep creating at a reasonable price.

Annual subscription: MSRP: $ 199.00 SALE: $ 139.00

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professional solutionprofessional e-on software solution

Includes VUE and PlantFactory – a solution for professionals and freelancers to improve their artwork at every point in their workflow.

Annual subscription: MSRP: $ 750.00 SALE: $ 525.00

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Corporate solutione-on software enterprise solution

The right solution for large production houses.

Harness the power of asset creation in procedural environments and become a digital god. Maximize both the creativity and productivity of your team while increasing your return on investment and profitability. Thanks to numerous interoperability technologies, the enterprise solution can be seamlessly integrated into any production pipeline – for the VFX, film, games and architectural visualization industries.

Annual subscription, node-locked: MSRP: $ 990.00 SALE: $ 695.00

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If you are interested in the Enterprise Solution as a floating license or if you have any questions, please contact us.

The sale ends on September 30, 2020.


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