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Right now, you can upgrade from Stutter Edit v1 or Creative Suite v1 to Stutter Edit 2 for just $ 29! That is a saving of over 70%! The sale ends on December 21, 2020.

Stutter edit

Create instant stutter effects

Upgrade to Stutter Edit 2 for only $ 29! The sale ends on December 21, 2020

From BT's point of view and in partnership with iZotope, Stutter Edit 2 allows you to create the famous one-button stutter editing effect to slice and dice your samples, tracks and mixes. Create exciting movements with the new curve editor and control each effect in tempo. Dive deeper with new banks and gestures filled with pre-made percussion patterns, fast-paced pop vocal edits, flawed dubstep glitches, and more. Boost your productions and get inspired with Stutter Edit 2 in a single plug-in.


  • Stuttering engine: Instantly create rhythmic patterns from any sound: Capture your hi-hat. Let your singing skip and jump. Turn percussion into pitch. Make an instant dubstep breakdown.
  • * Improved * Easier setup With the AUTO mode you can easily play sounds in your mix with one button. Or connect a MIDI controller and set it up with the help of the dynamic online help that detects which DAW you are in.
  • * New * curve editor Affects every setting in Stutter Edit 2, so you can create sweeping filters, pump reverbs, and mix lo-fi energy. Drill in any setting to edit the curve in detail, or choose from 12 pre-made curves for instant inspiration.
  • * New * effect modules: Let the creative juices flow with deeper controls and more options for movement and chaos. Stutter Edit 2 adds new Comb and Chorus modules as well as a fully featured Reverb and Two-Band Distort module.
  • * New * Banks and Gestures Designed by BT, they deliver a wealth of effects, ideas and sounds. Saved banks are automatically mapped onto your MIDI keyboard, so you have dozens of gestures at hand.
  • * New * UI experience provides a logical workflow with a new dedicated output section, simpler stutter controls and a flexible system for storing banks and gestures.

Upgrade: MSRP: $ 99.00 SALE: $ 29.00

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