krotos reformer pro 40% off
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Until September 4th, 2020 you can save 40% on the award-winning Reformer Pro. This unique sound design tool lets you interact with sound like never before.

Reformer Pro

With Reformer Pro, sound designers, producers, musicians and performers can design, automate and perform any sound in real time like never before.

Reformer Pro is a unique sound design instrument that converts recorded audio files into executable sound effects libraries in real time using a microphone, input audio file, or MIDI controller.

Interact with sound like never before: Run Foley, Animal, SciFi or Impact SFX instantly and intuitively in your DAW. This saves hours of editing and allows you to easily capture subtle movements and nuances that take your project to another level.

This VST / AU / AAX plug-in comes with the Krotos Bundle FREE ! That's over 3.8GB of high-fidelity sounds to get you started. Libraries include: Bengal Tiger, Electronic, Leather Foley, Fruit & Veg Collection, Gun Foley, and more.

MSRP: $ 399.00 SALE: $ 239.40

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