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Improve the details, clarity and transparency of your audio mixes with smart: EQ2 and save 63%. Or get the smart: Bundle, which contains smart: EQ 2 and smart: comp, and save even more.

Sonible Smart: EQ2

Get Sonible smart: EQ2 with a 63% discount! For a limited time only.

Regardless of whether you are a mastering professional or a home studio producer – with smart: EQ 2 you are always one step ahead.

  • Revolutionary learning ability through smart: engineTM
  • A.I. The filter automatically corrects tonal imbalances
  • NEW: Middle / side, optimized user interface, instrument profiles

smart: EQ 2 is a state-of-the-art equalizer with an integrated AI engine. smart: EQ 2 combines unique AI algorithms with the latest research results in psychoacoustics and decades of experience in mixing and mastering. Compared to its predecessor smart: EQ +, the range of functions has been significantly expanded, which also necessitated a complete redesign of the user interface.

MSRP: $ 159.00 SALE: $ 59.00

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Sonible smart: Bundle

Get Sonible smart: Bundle just for $ 179.00!

The Sonible smart: Bundle contains smart: EQ 2 and smart: comp.

MSRP: $ 219.00 SALE: $ 179.00

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