Save Arm Strength With These Extremely Light Ambient Boompoles
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Let's take a look at Ambient's QuickPole Series 5 boompoles.

Sound is the most important aspect of your project. When the audience can't hear the story they get frustrated and turned off. Using a boompole on set is a way to record high quality audio without the operator disturbing the camera frame.

Ambient is a German company known for its boompoles and its Ambient Clock It Network, which synchronizes the timecode between picture and sound. The QuickPole Series 5 is the 5th generation boompole and is considered the lightest to date.

The Series 5 booms are made of a custom-made carbon fiber and an additional UHM fiber layer to improve robustness and durability. The construction makes them as robust as the QP 4-segment series, but as light as the QXS series. With the new design, Ambient has introduced a longer boom that can extend over 6 meters.

The poles can be quickly pulled out or collapsed with a counter bearing made of Teflon, felt and a silicon lubricant. In addition, longer grip sleeves ensure an improved grip and better handling. The threading has also been updated so that the locks can be safely opened and closed with just a quarter turn.

Additionally, a redesigned detachable tip and optional foot simplify the wiring process. Users just need to remove the tip, insert the internal cable, and connect it at the end. Ambient offers both coiled and straight cables, depending on the pole length. The bottom is available in both straight and right angle cable configurations and can be used with older QuickPole models.

The QuickPole Series 5 is reliable in any weather and is available in 6 different lengths, ranging from 72 "to 250" and coinciding from 21 "to 61". The booms weigh between 450 g and 1080 g. They are available now.


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