Scorsese Signs First-Look Deal with Apple
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Apple has signed a multi-year TV and film deal with Martin Scorsese and his Sikelia Productions banner.

Martin Scorsese got a taste of the freedom streaming platforms give him and wanted more. After Apple rescued Killers of the Flower Moon, which Paramount will distribute in theaters, Scorsese must have enjoyed Apple's pitch.

Because now the legendary director will produce and direct for Apple TV +.

Sikelia Productions was founded in 2003 by Oscar winner Scorsese. The company manages and produces all of Scorsese's projects, including The Irishman, Silence, The Wolf of Wall Street, Hugo, Shutter Island, The Departed, The Aviator, and the Boardwalk Empire and Vinyl series.

So yes, Apple is on the verge of being deep in the Scorsese world.

This is huge for streaming in general too. Scorsese is part of the old guard, one of the most revered directors in all of Hollywood. If he signs a contract somewhere he can get his budget and bring his visions to life, the studios might caution.

Sure, the deal includes a cinema window for all of its features, but the real bonus is an exit for its TV shows. Apple is growing and there is plenty of room for big ideas. This gives his company a chance to stand out in a crowded field on a network to define his voice.

Only time will tell what's next …


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