VFX Friday! I posted a couple of pieces I did from last year on Art Station but never posted them here so I wanted to do that today.

A few gifs from my Artstation:

The hostile version of E. It's a shroud that hides allies inside! It's a musical skin so impulses and waveforms were a huge inspiration. In the end, I really liked the line waves. Something simple but detailed enough to get your attention. The other versions for allies inside and outside are on the Artstation-Post.

Senna cars! It has very different cars than most ADCs. Your bars were especially difficult for me to have something that would scale well in such different lengths and still look good. Her passive meant she would gain attack range on higher stacks. We have great technology to change the hue and distance of the beam so that its color changes from blue to pink throughout the game.

Senna W hostile version! Lots of moving parts on this one, but I really liked how they all came together in time. There is an AoE root for everyone in this circle. I went through so many versions of the rocket to get it right and capture this chaotic movement without distracting too much or losing the leading edge.

This is Aphelios, he has 5 weapons to switch between. I mostly like the idle effects on the Infernum weapon, the medium blue weapon based on fire : smiley: Swishy Trails! I worked with another FX artist to get this skin ready in time for the ship. We divided the kit into different skills and approached them independently. It worked because he has 5 different weapons so quite a big job for each of us. We don't usually work that often as it is more of a challenge for two artists to work on the same project. From checking out the same assets to possible dissonance between styles, it can get pretty tricky.

I'm also preparing for a GDC talk this year! Myself and three other Kick-Ass VFX friends will be talking about things that we wished for before we got into VFX at the VFX Bootcamp on Monday. Should be fun! I post pictures for my parts. Haha i'm an artist : Grimacing his face:
image "data-base62-sha1 =" bX4hc7WBa75cCoWZKRQVOSX8zdm "width =" 500 "height =" 434

I hope it will be fine! It's exciting to see it all come together :Octopus: Hope everyone had a great new year and happy holidays. :Christmas tree: : partying_face: We are happy to answer all questions about the above-mentioned FX creation.


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